Planning a Romantic Weekend Away for Two – Don’t Forget to Pack These Items

Booking a romantic weekend away for you and your significant other is a fabulous way to spend that much deserved time together, catching up, relaxing, and just enjoying one another’s company. With today’s busy schedules, it can be hard to find time to do that on an everyday basis, and before you know it, days, even weeks can pass by without you having any quality time together. Planning a Romantic Weekend Away for Two - Don't Forget to Pack These Items

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So as the excitement builds for your getaway, you’ll want to be sure that you pack all the right items to ensure the weekend is a success. Here’s a look at some key items you’ll want to add to your bag.

Lingerie Is a Must

A romantic weekend away and lingerie are something that just goes hand and hand. It’s like you can’t have one without the other. Keep in mind that it’s not just about the look of the lingerie; it’s the feel of it. Silk tends to be the most luxurious, with satin not far behind. Nightgowns, camis, and shorts are all bound to set the mood.

Set the Tone with a Scented Candle

Of course, if you’re looking to set that romantic mood in your room, you’ll want to be sure you play up all the senses, which includes the sense of smell. Packing a scented candle that you can light in the evening is a great way to make the mood more cozy and romantic. Frostbeard Studio is known for having the best smelling candles, including some really unique scents. You can easily pack one or a couple in your suitcase since they are packaged containers with a lid.

Romantic Tunes

Perfect for pairing with that scented candle and the lingerie is some romantic music that the two of you can enjoy. You can bring along your music playing device (iPod or MP3 player), as well as a wireless speaker, and then you’re all set.

Massage Oil for the Ultimate Relaxation

If you plan on giving your partner a relaxing massage, then you’ll also want to pack massage oil. If you don’t like the feel of the oil, body butter or lightweight lotion can also work.

Evening Out Attire

If your weekend away will include visiting a fine-dining restaurant and/or going out for drinks, then you’re also going to want to pack evening-out attire. This means your outfit, shoes, and accessories to finish off the look. You can cut down on the amount of makeup you need to pack by keeping your look simple, fresh, and glowy and going for a bold lipstick instead. Don’t forget to add a spray of your partner’s favorite perfume.

The Weekend the Two of You Deserve

Now that you’ve covered all the essentials when it comes to packing for your romantic weekend getaway, you’ll be able to enjoy that relaxing weekend the two of you deserve. In fact, it will probably be so successful that you’ll want to start making it a more regular occurrence.