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Perfect Winter Flats for the Office

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It can be depressing when the season starts to turn. Once the vibrancy of autumn has blown away and the last crackle on the bonfire is extinguished, winter can feel like a bit of a slog. It can be hard to stay stylish when excess layers are making your feel bulkier than Santa. To begin with, think about how you can keep your footwear fashionable but functional. A good pair of shoes can add some pizzazz to an otherwise bland outfit.

Not Just Made in Chelsea

A good set of boots is essential for the winter months, especially when you open your curtains to be greeted by the ferocious rain slashing against the window.

Chelsea boots are not exclusively worn by those residing in SW3. They have been a popular choice for the last few winter seasons and seem to be maintaining their popularity. Traditionally, Chelsea boots are crafted beautifully in leather without the hassle of laces. As a comfortable, flat boot, they are practical for winter and can be jazzed up with a pretty dress and a chunky knit cardigan.

Go Feminine in a Masculine Style

Brogues are essentially a very masculine shoe. But they are a delight to wear because of their versatility. They can be smart, they can dress up an outfit and they work equally as well with skinny jeans. Team them up with tea-dresses and fancy socks ““ they take the edge off an overdose of sickly-sweet girliness.

They are cool, sturdy and powerful to wear. Well made brogues look good when they are beginning to age and they should have a long-life span. Crockett & Jones have an exquisite selection with punching detail and wing-tip design. This authentic shoe should be sturdy and smell of sumptuous leather.

More Cinderella, Less Dame Edna

There were some interesting reactions to the sight of your Nans slippers gracing the pages of the glossy mags. But now even celebrities such as Angelina Jolie have been spotted embracing this trend. As Angelina has demonstrated, cigarette pants work perfectly with slipper shoes. These shoes come in luscious fabrics such as blue velvet, and can feature intricate patterns adorning the body of the shoe. Slipper shoes are not only as comfortable as they would lead you to believe, but they also add a sleek and stylish edge to your outfit.

So, dont restrict yourself this winter. Embrace some new styles and diversify your selection ““ itll brighten up a grey, grizzly day.