Important Considerations When Buying a Diamond


Diamonds are amazing. They are really shiny and anyone who wears them would look totally amazing. There are a lot of choices when it comes to diamonds. It can be a bit confusing, so you need to have the right tips to determine which one to buy. Here are some of the most important ideas […]

3 Essential Tips When Buying a Men’s Watch

Men with watch

A nice watch plays an essential role in any men’s wardrobe. But it’s still surprising to see how many people keep making some crucial mistakes when buying a new timepiece for themselves or a close one. In this article, we’re going to give you a few essential tips when shopping for a men’s watch.   […]

Switch To These Less Obvious Vegan Products


The term vegan usually springs ‘not eating animals’ to one’s mind, but veganism is a whole lifestyle that avoids consuming or using any animal products in all parts of life. With foodstuffs, it’s clear one needs to avoid meat, dairy products, animal fats, eggs, etc., but animal parts are used in unexpected ways in the […]

Spruce Up Your Winter Accessories


If you want to feel and look your best this season, it’s time to give your winter accessories a little shakeup. As the weather turns icy, a better pair of boots are perfect for wherever you wander, from the slushy streets to the snowy trails and back again. Hit the Trail – Or Stay In […]

Look And Feel Great This Fall With A Better Boot

Aigle boots

Summer sun may be behind us, but that doesn’t mean long days of traveling and being outdoors are over. Fall is one of the best seasons to get out and explore, and a better boot can help you look and feel great while adventuring. Here’s how you can master the season’s hottest fashion trends and […]

Learn The Top Technique For Sculpting Bold Brows

Sculpting Bold Brows

When you go through paparazzi pictures, movie stills, and other scenes from Hollywood, you can always tell how recent those photos are by looking at actress’ eyebrows. If you see an actor with embarrassingly thin eyebrows, you can stand to bet that the picture is from the 90’s, when the pencil-thin look was worn by […]

Have the Coolest PS4 on Campus — Outfit it with a Skin

ps4 skin

First and foremost, your return to campus means a comeback to the library, hitting the books, and studying up on your new classes. But we all know you can’t spend all of time cramming for pop quizzes and memorizing your notes. Sometimes, the best way to keep your GPA up is to follow a balanced […]

5 Pop Culture-Inspired Costumes to Rock this Year’s Halloween Party

pop culture halloween costumes

Halloween is just around the corner and people of all ages are thinking about the perfect scary or funny costume to make an impression. The good news is you can find inspiration in pop culture and the latest trends in Halloween fashion. One such trend this year is to make Halloween costumes less frightening and […]

James Bond turned down a $100 million offer

daniel craig refuses bond

By James Bond, we mean Daniel Craig, of course, the man offering the super slick famous spy a face and a reputation for the last four films of the franchise. According to recent reports, actor Daniel Craig turned down a $100 million offer to star as 007 in two future films. His recent reaction comes […]

Preferring The Black Option


There are several parties and invitation where it is specifically mentioned that black ties are optional in which case many people prefer to wear tuxedo. But when such criterion is mentioned it indicates that it is not actually an option and the invitee is indirectly requested to make black his preference. Selecting the right pant […]