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Overview of Brian Johnson Life

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Born in 5 October 1947, Brian Johnson has established himself as a leading songwriter and singer for the renowned Australian rock band AC/DC. Over the years, he has entertained millions of music lovers from all across the globe and performed in hundreds, if not thousands, of concerts in almost every part of the world.

Career Development

Gobi Desert Canoe Club was Johnson’s first band before joining Fresh Band later on. In 1970, he was a lead member of Jasper Hart Band where he performed a number of songs such as the musical Hair and soft-rock/pop songs. Later on, the band members decided to go a step further and form Geordie Band that really fueled his popularity in and around Australian.

One of the first solo single is “I Can’t Forget You Now” was made public in January 1976. It was produced by Red Bus Label. Later on in 1976- the Geordie band worked smart and hard to release ten songs that were all complied to form Strange Man Album this time produced by MCA label. The globally recognized Keep on Rocking CD that was released in 1989 in United States contained re-corded versions of the 10 songs and was released under Brian Johnson name and his band, Geordie, as a show of appreciation and respect for their undying contribution to the music industry. In 1991, another CD by the name Rockin With The Boys was released in Australia.


– A very important member of AC/DC’s concerts.

The death of Bon Scott, one of the leading singers in the band really affected the group. In fact, most of the members considered quitting and performing solely. However, after a number of meetings, they decided to continue with the band. Several candidates such as Terry Slesser and Slade’s Noddy Holder were viewed as possible replacements for Scott. However, they both failed to meet the set qualifications and instead Johnson was selected. It is documented that AC/DC guitaris, Angus Young was actually a die-hard fan of Brian Johnson even before he was hired. Probably his believe and passion in his music was one of the factors that were considered in the hiring process.

Blow Up Your Video album released in 1988 was the last AC/DC album that Johnson contributed to. From 1990, Malcolm Young and Angus were the main contributors of all lyrics used to produce AC/DC material.


Brian Johnson remains one of the most inspirational persons in North America. As a show of his simplicity and support for working class in this region, he is periodically spotted wearing newsboy cap when performing on stage and attending social events such as movie theaters. He also loves wearing baseball caps and loves racing vintage cars such as Pilbeam MP84 AND Royale RP-4. In fact, he was involved in production of “Car That Rock with Brian Johnson” a documentary that provided insights on some of his favorite motor cars. One of the highlights in this documentary is last episode which was filmed as he drove world’s fastest mini car, “The Italian Job” and other classic cars.

Brian Johnson is indeed a musical legend whose life and music talent has inspired millions of people from all parts of the planet.