Modest yet Fashionable Church Service Style Tips for Women

Modest yet Fashionable Church Service Style Tips for Women

Modest yet Fashionable Church Service Style Tips for Women

If you’re someone who attends church every weekend, when it comes to fashion, just stop and think about that a moment. Being that there are 52 weekends in a year, that means that you need quite a few different outfits to wear, right? And being that church is a place of worship, as you’re shopping for them, it’s important that you find a fine line between being modest and also being fashionable.

If you’d like some style tips for women  on how you can do just that, you’re in luck. We have five suggestions that will help you to look “beautifully appropriate” each and every time that you go to church below:

Think about what you what your appearance to say. One thing that a lot of stylists will tell you is that when it comes to choosing certain outfits, oftentimes it’s not about the attire itself but the place where you’re planning to wear it. For instance, if you’re going on a first date to a jazz club, a fitted strapless dress might be fitting, but not so much for church service. When you’re preparing for church, try and think about what you want your appearance to say overall. Words like “modest”, “classic” and “elegant” can help you to stay in the right mindset as you are making clothing selections.

Make sure you “build” on the right foundation. A huge mistake that a lot of women tend to make is not investing into their “foundational pieces”. By this we mean getting the right size bras, finding panties that don’t show lines and making sure that slips and shapers fit well. Remember, an outfit that has the right kind of foundation will make all of the difference in the world when it comes to appearance and support.

Try things on before you buy them. Pretty much all of us have had the experience of seeing an outfit in the mall, looking on the racks to see if it comes in our size and taking it home without trying it on, only to discover that it doesn’t fit as well as we thought. Being that church services tend to consist of a lot sitting and standing, you don’t want to find yourself fidgeting the entire time. That’s why it’s important to try your clothes on before you buy them.

Incorporate trends wisely. There are some people who think that you can’t really be fashionable and trendy at the same time; especially as it relates to church attire. However, we couldn’t disagree more. When it comes to finding pieces for church, the key is to look for trends that will complement your outfit in a tasteful way. So, if you’re shopping for some  church suits  and the current trends are mini-skirts and bold patterns (for example), avoid the super short skirts but do purchase a bold-pattern blouse.

Have fun with accessories. Something else that can help to make your church outfits very fashion-forward are your accessories. That’s why you should make sure to pick out purses, scarves and jewelry that will fit your personality and make your clothing “pop”. Accessories are a great way to create a signature style, even when it comes to dressing up for church.

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