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Maternity Fashion Wear For Spring 2014

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Pregnancy can sometimes turn into a style limbo; choosing outfits that fit rather than wearing what looks good. But it doesn’t have to be that way – while your body undergoes changes during maternity, your sense of style shouldn”t have to.

The following outfit options define the most wearable, fashionable and maternity-friendly trends for spring 2014:

Maxi dresses

Maxi dresses feature a relaxed fit and most styles cover from top to bottom. They can be worn with heels or sandals, and are totally comfortable on your body. Opt for bright colors screaming warm weather such as orange and green designed to drape elegantly over your bump while elongating your silhouette.

You could also look into unique options such as reversible maternity maxi dresses for spring season wear. Although such styles may be a bit pricey, they will offer you more bang for your buck. For instance, one side could sport a colorful, floral pattern while the other side could be a solid green, allowing you to wear the same dress on different occasions.


There are several benefits of wearing maternity leggings and tights; they match just about everything you put on top. Adding maternity tights with light compression can add even more comfort, as they are available with a support top that expands according to the needs of your growing belly and can be pulled over an active mother”s belly for comfort. Pregnancy often leads to tired legs and feet as well as poor blood circulation; tights with graduated compression reduce swelling and deliver controlled pressure from the ankle up.

Graduated compression is also recommended post pregnancy to reduce swelling and prevent soreness. Original gradient compression hosiery is also ideal for individuals who have to sit or stand for a long time. Lastly, compression garments and leggings offer the advantage of gradient compression while being stylish.

Wrap dresses

Wrap dresses endorse a chic style that celebrities like Kate Middleton simply love to wear. Maternity wrap dresses are ultra-adjustable -they can be tied looser or tighter, depending on the size of your bump. Also, they appear flattering and feminine on almost any mom-to-be. The stretch fabric allows a wrap dress to cling to the right places and also makes it easy to launder for travel.

These dresses are great for covering the bump and do a great job when it comes to accentuating your waistline. Even if the waistline doesn”t maintain itself during pregnancy (chances are it won”t), the ruche at the center of the dress creates an illusion. The printed fabric wrap dresses are hot right now – they will disguise any extra bulges expect for the one at the front you want to flaunt.

Tunics and knee length skirts

One of the prevailing maternity fashion trends for spring 2014 is Tunics. These fashionable outfits have lower parts that provide support for the baby bump. Tunics are available in a range of fabrics, prints, and colors, so you would be able to find one for any occasion. Slip into a slinky bodycon for the evening or don a printed tunic with maternity leggings for a casual day out.

Maternity knee-length skirts go well with long-sleeve tops. Opt for a printed or embroidered option for adding that extra oomph to your appearance this spring season.