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Making Waves With Waves

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Waves are a classic look that spans many generations. You can find waves in pictures of beautiful women throughout history. Though associated with some eras more than others, waves have never been entirely absent from the American repertoire. That’s true for much of the rest of the world, as well. One of the times in history when they were most present was the roaring twenties. The twenties have been having an extended moment in fashion influence during the past couple of years. Maybe it’s the inimitable combination of free and elegant that we envy. Lovely but never stodgy, the twenties have an ethos that lots of modern women want to ascribe to. In the latest John Frieda tutorial video by Harry Josh, he shows us just how to pull it off.


JFrieda waves

Follow these steps

Start by volumizing. John Frieda has a bunch of products to give volume to heads of hair that would otherwise lack it. Start in the shower. John Frieda has products that start volumizing while hair is wet. Just wash and apply. The oils and minerals will start acting on your hair then and there. When you get out, you’ll be ready to apply another volumizing product as you dry your hair. I’ll go ahead and tell you that there’s a volumizing hairspray as well which works really well. You’ll only put it on when the rest of this look is complete, of course, but it bears mentioning now.


Now on to the look itself. Separate the hair into four sections. Use a regular hair iron to build wide curls into each section of hair. Then comb them out into waves. Clip each wave into its own little section and let them cool and set. When they’re entirely cool, brush out once more and apply the hairspray I mentioned earlier. Once you’ve done all this, you’ll have sexy waves that would look great on the red carpet.