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Making a Talisman out of your Antique Jewellery

So what is a Talisman? A Talisman is said to be an object which is said to have magical properties that can offer either protection, or good luck. A Talisman was usually an inscribed ring or stone, but in the modern day they come in many shapes and forms, and are worn or carried for a myriad of different reasons.

  • Shirt
  • Earrings
  • Pendant or Chain
  • Ring
  • Shoes
  • Rabbits Foot
  • And many more items

We Create Our Own Talismans

Many people who are not deeply religious or even superstitious will still have an item that they own which they feel is lucky. Most of the time there are good things which had happened to them when they have had their talisman with them, so they associate the good things with their lucky object. A good example of this is a man wearing his lucky shirt when he is going out with his mates trying to meet girls. He may have had some good luck when wearing a particular shirt or pair of shoes, so then associates this item of clothing as a good luck charm or Talisman. This can also be said for a lot of other things such as a golfer wearing a lucky golf hat, or having a rabbit foot in their pocket. People associate good luck with many different items and it is a very personal thing.

The Traditional Talisman
Traditionally a Talisman was a stone or ring which was inscribed and supposedly charged with positive energy through magical spells or incantations, so say the antique experts. There are many websites that you can look at which talk about making your own Talismans and how you charge them with the desired energy to bring about good fortune. Over time Talismans have changed to encompass different objects of all different shapes and sizes, moving away from a more traditional style of Talisman. There has also been a shift away from placing spells and incantations on objects to create our Talismans, as people have generally moved away from what was a once very common Pagan belief.

Jewellery used as a Talisman

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One of the most common Talismans around would be the use of jewellery, which comes in lots of shapes and sizes. The jewellery may be modern, or it could also be antique jewellery which has been passed down from your family, or even bought in a shop.

  • Rings
  • Pendants
  • Chains
  • Earrings
  • Bracelets

It really does not make a difference if the jewellery is new or antique or even if the jewellery is valuable or not. A big part of the talisman is the mental attitude of the person that uses it. So if you think that your Great Grandmothers antique ring is lucky and works for you, there is a good chance that your mental attitude will bring about good fortune for you. If you keep this in mind that you can create a lucky Talisman out of just about anything. With the proper mental attitude, you can use your Talisman to reinforce to yourself that good luck is coming your way. Although this does not work 100% of the time, positive thoughts do tend to bring about positive actions, just as negative thoughts can bring about negative results. So if you are looking for a new Talisman in your life, choose one for your life to bring about some good luck? You just never know what positive things can come in your life if you choose to have a positive attitude!