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Make-Up Tips You Most Likely Did Not Know

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There are basically hundreds of make-up tutorials that appear on the internet every single week from people that know a lot. However, in most cases we are faced with exactly the same tips that keep getting re-said in different words.

We did a little research and made a list of some make-up tips that most women were not aware of. Go through it! If you know them, then you are surely really good at putting on make-up. If not, you will learn something new.

dream tone  1. Eyebrow Plucking ““ After Shower

You should really pluck your eyebrows only after you take a shower due to the fact that the pores are quite open. This means that plucking will be really less painful.

2. The Illusion Of Bigger Lips

If you have thin lips and you want to make them look wider, use colorless lip balm that has shimmer on the top pointed area on the top lip. Apply your lipstick over that and you will love your new lips.

3. Do Not Smear Your Concealer ““ Dab It

When you smear the concealer, you end up with it being much thinner. You need to dab it instead. That is due to the fact that the thickness will be suitable to cover everything under your eyes and the skin is also quite sensitive in that region.

4. Heat The Eyelash Curler

This is quite an interesting make-up tip. Before you use the eyelash curler, use your hairdryer to warm it. That will help you to curl your eyelashes better.

5. Pumping The Mascara?

You should never pump the mascara wand. That is because air bubbles will end up inside the tube. Your mascara will thus dry out really fast. Increase its life and you will love this.

6. Sometimes The Problem Is Not How You Apply The Make-Up

Some women will tell you that they do not know how to apply make-up when the truth is that the products used are bad. You cannot compare high quality brands like Lancome with products that basically have no brand. Take all the time that you need to be sure that the quality of the make-up is as high as you can afford it to be.

7. Mix Concealer With Moisturizer

Women with dry skin that need coverage will have problems as you may already know. Such a problem can be fixed by mixing your moisturizer with the concealer.

8. Eyelash Coating Should Be On Both Sides

It is important that you will coat both of the sides of the lashes. Most women only do the bottom. The reason why this tip is helpful is that you will end up with a much fuller look.

9. Stray Hair And White Eyeliner

If you have stray hairs, use your white eyeliner in order to mark them. Then, start plucking. Remember to do so after you get out of the shower though.

10. Read The Indications On The Label

This is not necessarily a make-up tip but it is important. You need to do so as you would gain more knowledge about how to use that specific product.