Look And Feel Great This Fall With A Better Boot

Aigle boots

Summer sun may be behind us, but that doesn’t mean long days of traveling and being outdoors are over. Fall is one of the best seasons to get out and explore, and a better boot can help you look and feel great while adventuring. Here’s how you can master the season’s hottest fashion trends and match them with a great pair of boots.

Fall Fashion Must-Haves

Beautiful, well-made boots are designed to take you from shopping downtown to a boating weekend; from morning brunch to a dinner date. It’s one of fall fashion’s signature staples. Whatever the look you’re going for, boots can serve as both anchor and launchpad. Dark boots can make your legs look longer by blending into your jeans, while a brighter shade can be your on-trend pop of color.

This season is all about unexpected pairings: for both men and women, returning to neutrals when the leaves start changing color no longer defines the rulebook. Pastels on women and brighter cardigans on men are the new name of the game. Of course, that doesn’t mean dismissing your black jacket or black handbag completely. Fashion editors say that the perfect way to master this trend is to use layers: pair a tan coat with a lavender handbag, or combine a white t-shirt with a red cardigan. Statement jackets are an easy way for both men and women to punch up their outfit. A slim backpack is a commuter staple – this fall, experiment with a bolder color like forest green. And, yes, it’s no longer against the rules to wear white long after the temperature turns — just be sure to add a warm sweater and jeans.

Aigle boots

City to Country Style

When it’s time to relax and work on your garden, Aigle boots make the transition from city to country a seamless one. Check out Aigle Store USA for boots that combine the comfort of a hiking boot with the foot support you need to take on the hunting trail. Aigle’s dedication to quality shines through every pair. Men’s and women’s designs let every outdoor fanatic take on every activity on their agenda, no matter the weather. Aiglentine, a women’s wellington, borrows from the men for performance with a feminine edge. Discover a range of men’s and women’s boots that have the grip to get you through the mud of the farm to garden flowers.

Of course, children’s boots are another essential. The Aigle sailing boot, with its signature pair of white stripes, make an impression on the playground and will keep their little feet dry through every puddle they splash in. The children’s range includes the classic rain boot and fur-lined boots to take them from fall showers through winter snowstorms.

Tradition of Quality

Aigle boots have been handmade in France since 1853. Aigle’s dedication to quality and years of expertise have made the brand a leader in fashionable, durable boot design. Every boot is checked to make sure it is waterproof. Standard UPS delivery is available in most US states and there is a 30-day money back policy — and all online transactions are secure. This fall, if you want a durable, fashionable, and reputable boot, find the design that best fits you at the Aigle store online.