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Let’s Talk About Women’s Vests: Wearing and Styling

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Early summer and early fall are the best times you can wear a vest over a shirt, a dress, a tank top and even a sweater – provided you know how to pick the ones that truly compliment your body features and your personal style. Vests have a fashion and some trends of their own, but are often overlooked when it comes to styling up a nice office or casual outfit. Some women pick the wrong designs as well, looking bigger or boxier than they are in reality. Today we will talk about women’s vests fashion and give you some tips and tricks on how to wear them in high style.

Pick the Right Vest for You

Before jumping at the opportunity, take some time and figure out exactly what type of body you have and what body features you want to highlight (or attenuate) with the vest: slim waist, broad shoulders, generous cleavage, a round tummy, large hips, bony structure etc. Make sure you checked yourself well from hips and up and just as you’d buy a jacket or a dress, make sure you choose the right vest shape and design as well.

Go for Timeless Pieces

In the vests’ department, some pieces, fabrics, color and styles are forever fashionable, timeless accessories that can style up any outfit. If you are into vests, remember the following rules:

  • Choose a vest featuring a universally flattering neckline like a low scoop-neck or a V-neck to make you look slimmer, thinner and trendy.
  • Pick a vest in a timeless design that can be worn even with formal business clothes – for instance, a lightweight sleeveless military anorak vest in beige will make you look stunning.
  • Choose a vest in timeless neutrals as they go with everything: black, beige or dark denim. Dark and light neutrals don’t need a lot of mixing and matching as they will suit almost all color schemes and personal styles.
  • When you buy a vest, make sure its straps don’t sit far out on your shoulders as it is not tasteful to let people take a good look at your bra straps.
  • Vests come in various lengths, so make sure you pick one to either highlight or hide your problematic body areas – if any.

Style Your Vest

Vests are perfect accessories to style up and add some spark to an outfit:

  • If you wear the vest over a tank top or a strappy dress, wear some statement bracelets to enhance your naked arms.
  • Don’t be afraid to layer textures and patterns: wear a vest over a funky patterned T-Shirt (anything goes, from floral to polka dots and from gingham to watercolor hand-painted art) or wear a furry or knitted vest over a silk maxi dress.
  • Make your outfit look expensive by layering lengths: pick a long fashion vest in a lightweight fabric and pair it with skinny jeans, high heels and sunglasses for a glam night out.

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