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Let’s Talk About Multipurpose Bags: Two Sides of a Coin

seven in one multipurpose bags
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The relationship between women and their bags should not be put under scrutiny, nor judged, nor even questioned. You can find an entire universe inside a woman’s purse, and that is a given. But while some ladies love to have a different purse for every scarf, pair of shoes, makeup shade, hair color, and T-shirt, others go for multipurpose bag packs to satisfy all needs of size, style, utility, and trend. Let’s take a closer look today at these multipurpose bag packs and see their advantages and disadvantages.

The Upside of Multipurpose Bags

Say you stumble upon a leather multipurpose pack of seven bags containing a tote, a box-shaped handbag, a crossbody purse, a clutch, a key holder, a wallet and a card case. Let’s say this great multi-purpose pack of purses comes in an elegant color, with refined finishing, high-quality leather, strong stitches and enough room to carry everything you own inside. Would you buy it? The answer should be “Yes”, because such packs are extremely versatile, fashionable and practical.

Depending on your needs and the given occasion, you can easily switch between the messenger bag to the clutch and the handbag to the tote without much fuss. Moreover, if you choose the color wisely (a serious neutral black or a refined neutral cream), you can wear these bags with every outfit you can think of. The price is also a good point to take into account. Usually, such multipurpose bags packs are cheaper when bought together that the sum of their elements. If you also stumble upon a special discount, you can forget about your old purses and welcome the new acquisition in your life.

The Downside of Multipurpose Bags

Some Fashion Police representatives argue that these bags, no matter how practical they are, represent “the easy way out.” In other words, wearing all the purses and cases in the pack makes you a boring person with no interest in true fashion. While the fashion world is determined to come up with the most original, innovative, unique and mind-blowing styles of purses, in colors, fabrics, and styles that should leave you craving for more, you are just wearing the same bag over and over again. In other words, you trade taste for utility and in some people’s eyes, this is one of the most heinous crimes.


Now that we’ve presented the two sides of the same coin, ladies, it’s up to you to find the balance between haute couture and practical accessories. If you ask us, women should get multipurpose bags pack for everyday needs, and a designer’s bag for special occasions. It’s just like the little black dress: everybody should have one, but nobody has to wear it every day at the office.

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