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Let’s Talk about Enhancing Bras: 2 Innovative Styles to Boost up Your Cleavage

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A cleavage boost is a trick many women employ to really add value to an evening dress or a power suit. If you watched old movies, you saw some ladies hide socks in their bras to give their busts a more “oomph” look. You probably laughed and looked admiringly towards your designer push-up you love so much. Luckily for modern women, they have the tech and the designs to boost their busts without using old tricks, but take advantage of the best bra styles available. Let’s see how modern tech and visionary designs can enhance women’s cleavage, no matter what size they are. Remember, we talk about bras and not falsies or gel cups.

1. The Backless Push-Up Bra with Inflatable Cups

You read correctly: inflatable cups. Modern tech is not here to only deliver us smart gadgets and devices, but incredibly smart lingerie pieces as well. The backless push-up bra with inflatable cups instantly boosts a woman’s bust – adding up to 2 cup sizes with a push of a button. Being backless, strapless, seamless, and practically invisible, this type of bra works with everything you can think of. Since they made their debut on the market, they gained a lot of fame for being comfortable, soft to the skin and resistant to movement and sweat. The air-pump tech seems a bit science-fiction, but if you take a look around reviews and fashion articles, you will find that more and more women fell in love with this type of futuristic bra.

2. The Convertible Plunging Bra

How many times did you pass on a gorgeous low back cut dress or a plunging top just because you had no solution for those annoying bra straps? And how many times did you leave tons of nice clothes to hibernate in the back of your closet just because you couldn’t find a viable solution to combine a tiny tank with an enhanced cleavage and an invisible bra? Well, the convertible plunging bra suits all needs and fits all styles. It is usually provided with many hooks on the cups and band so you can place the straps any way you want. The best part is that the bra enhances your bust and boosts your cleavage no matter how you choose to place the straps. If you love asymmetric cut dresses, racer backs, halters and so on, this type of bra works like a charm. It is suitable for all cup sizes and ages.

How do you boost up your cleavage? Are you using the classic push-up, balconette or demi-cup bras, or are you into more innovative, tech-enhanced lingerie items?

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