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Learn More About What Botox Treatments Can Do For You

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Botox is a medicine that is injected into the muscles of the face to improve wrinkles and lines. It is often injected around the eyes to improve crows’ feet, or in the forehead or eyebrow area to treat €œfurrows.€ One of the biggest pluses when it comes to these treatments is that there is no surgery or recovery time required. Treatments take place in the doctors office and often patients can go back to work or resume their schedule immediately after the injections.

This treatment is most often used on men and women between the ages of 18 to 65. Once injected, the Botox blocks nerve impulses that would normally go to the facial muscles, creating lines and wrinkles. Within several days a patient should see improvements in the lines on their face and around the eyes. These improvements can last up to four months or more, and don’t involve invasive treatments like other medical procedures.

Often clients need more than one treatment, since the results of Botox typically wear off after 4 to 6 months. Before you go in for your first round of injections, it’s important to ensure you’ve booked an appointment with the right kind of clinic. A reputable medical clinic such as Skin Vitality with a proven track record of patient success and satisfaction is the kind of place you should be seeking out for this kind of treatment; it also helps to pick a clinic that have satellite locations that might be closer to your home or work, to make the process even easier. The Skin Vitality Medical Clinic in Toronto is one of the top Botox clinics in Canada, and is an excellent example of what to look for in a beauty treatment provider. You may not want to travel too far for your treatments, but some things are worth the effort.

The doctor administering your Botox treatments will need to know what other medications you take before performing the procedure. Some people use a numbing medication before getting an injection, or a topical cream that can be applied 60 to 90 minutes beforehand. Other methods often used to ease any discomfort are a blast of cold air that numbs the skin just for a few seconds before the Botox is administered. After the administration is complete, you will be on your way to looking like celebrities like Victoria Beckham or Princess Kate!

The doctor will use a very thin needle to inject the Botox into your muscles and skin. The number of injections you’ll be given depends on the wrinkles and size of area that you want treated, such as the lips or other commonly treated facial areas. After the procedure in the clinic or office has finished, you can resume your normal activities immediately; after a few days, you should see the results on your face. Botox is the best way to look younger without resorting to surgery or wasting your money on creams, lotions and beauty products that may do nothing €“ or worse yet, cause further damage to your skin. You can never know enough when deciding upon which medical treatments to get, so be sure to get educated and ready to look years younger!