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Jewellery Trends for AW13

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The recent round of glossy catwalk shows in Paris, Milan and New York have shown off more than just whats in store for clothing trends in AW13. Also on display was a dazzling array of beautiful accessories, including millinery, footwear, bags and ““ of course ““ jewellery.

The important of jewellery cannot be overstated when it comes to finishing off sartorial style. A tiny gemstone has the raw capacity to make or break an outfit, which is why knowing your jewellery trend ““ and how to work them ““ is of the utmost importance.

Catwalk Couture

This year, the majority of designers seemed to favour either one end of the spectrum or the other. Jewellery was either loud, bold, and even sometimes eccentric, or it was simple, understated and oh-so-elegant. Some designers used both statement jewellery and more refined pieces to highlight key details from their clothing collections.

In terms of colour, it seems as though the word on everyones lips for AW13 is eclectic. Colour seems to be less important than style, however it played a key role nonetheless. Oversized Byzantine crosses were accentuated with small rubies at Dolce & Gabbana, and Lanvin showed intricately wound chains and chunky lettering in ropes of gold inlaid with diamond for a subtle contrast effect which perfectly complimented a cool makeup palette.

Finding Your Perfect Jewellery Style

Given the prevalence of overdone pieces on the catwalk, one might be forgiven for thinking that more is more when it comes to accessorising your own outfits. But the catwalk costumery of couture fashion shows needs to be interpreted before it can be successfully realised on the high street.

Instead of the multiplicity of chains favoured by Lanvin, why not try one or two as a simple ““ yet still bold ““ accompaniment to an understated black dress. If you favour simple gemstones, take inspiration from Dolce & Gabbana and choose something which can be nicely paired with this seasons mineral of choice ““ gold. Aquamarine and white topaz rings from Gems TV are the perfect example of pale, finely wrought jewellery which can be paired with almost any outfit, for instant, classic style.

If youre on the lookout for something a little more edgy, but arent sure where to start, placement has been a driving force behind this years jewellery evolution. Ear cuffs, large brooches and hair ornaments all featured heavily on the catwalks. Dont be afraid to wear your jewellery in unexpected places, for a look thats totally in keeping with this the continuing trend for subversion.