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Is Goth Fashion the New Street Fashion? 5 Designers Think It Is

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Fashion specialists attending the New York Fashion Week this fall came back home puzzled and asking themselves one question: is gothic fashion turning into street, casual fashion? Usually (and negatively) associated with some sub-culture groups, BDSM, and certain types of lifestyles, gothic fashion seems to gain more and more popularity among fashion designers. And there are three of them who are convinced gothic fashion will move this year from the catwalk into the streets.

1. Hirooka Naoto

This Japanese fashion designer is said to have turned gothic fashion into mainstream, casual wear. Inspired from Victorian, Medieval, and punk rock styles, Naoto gave the little black dress a powerful twist. Complex Elizabethan suits, cotton lace black fans, lace face masks, hair accessories, chains, leather straps and long satin gloves can give you a pretty good picture about Naota’s playing ground. Considered one of the avant-garde designers in the macabre niche, his creations can impress not only original rock artists but also a large niche of the population looking for something completely different.

2. Nanette Lepore

The New York Fashion Week was clearly marked by this designer’s outstanding gothic creations. More into minimalism than complex Victorian outfits, Lepore left everybody breathless with her whimsical combinations of black satin midi or miniskirts and transparent lace blouses. She also made some bold combinations, showcasing baroque suits paired with tees and peach-colored purses with black platforms and metal accessories.

3. Marko Mitanovski

Famous macabre-lover artist Lady Gaga is not only wearing Mitanovski’s outfits, but she is one of his most fervent patrons and promoters. It is true that Mitanovski’s designs are hugely theatrical and it’s not likely to see many women wearing Lady Gaga-style dresses and headpieces at a casual cocktail party, but Mitanovski has a strong word to say in the realm of gothic fashion.

4. Alexander Wang

Wang’s name and career need little introduction, but when it comes to gothic fashion, he really managed to surprise everybody at the New York Fashion Week. His all-black collection is daring, to say the least, and impressively wearable. He gave a new spin to combat and rocker boots, upgrading them with heavy platforms and metal accessories. Transparent dresses went well with leather add-ons while the velvet black robe he showcased suggested that women are all for an unconventional look both inside the house and outside it.

5. Alice Auaa

Yet another Japanese designer, Auaa knows women love a bit of romance, even if it is dark, twisted, bold and a bit macabre. Her outfits are complex, intricate and luxurious. Gothic fashion is seen as an experiment, in her eyes, so you can see black lace bridal veils complimenting industrial-tech inspired outfits. “Romantically frightening”, as specialists called her designs, many Auaa signature outfits combine satin and leather, metal and velvet in the chicest and bizarre manners.

Have you ever worn gothic outfits? Can you think of other designers who can turn this niche fashion into a mainstream one?

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