iPhone 3G Parts and iPhone 5 Parts


Buying an iPhone is perhaps easier than buying repair parts for it. Whether you own an iPhone 3G or an iPhone 5, now get repair parts for the device at bargain rates from Wired Shops. They provide Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) iPhone 3G parts or iPhone 5 parts at a fraction of the cost.

Types of iPhone3G Parts and iPhone5 Parts We Provide


Your iPhone3G may get damaged for several reasons. Whether the motherboard not working or the display screen giving trouble, their experts come to your rescue. The different types of iPhone 3G parts we provide include iPhone 3G front panel assembly, iPhone 3G dock connector, iPhone 3G front bezel, iPhone 3G display assembly, and many more. Each assembly package comes with all important spare parts. For instance, the front panel assembly contains touch screen glass, ear piece speaker, home button, and integrated digitizer.

Similarly, Wired Shops provide a comprehensive range of iPhone 5 parts, such as, iPhone 5 display assembly, which includes LCD screen, front panel and digitizer. Some other iPhone5 parts they offer include iPhone5 rear camera, iPhone5 dock connector and headphone jack, iPhone5 replacement battery, and iPhone5 loudspeaker. Depending upon your individual need, you can find the thing you want to buy on their website.

Experience Hassle Free Shopping for iPhone3G Parts and iPhone5 Parts

Wired Shops make shopping for iPhone3G parts or iPhone5 parts easy and cost effective. With seven years of experience in selling repair and replacement parts for mobile phones, they know how you get you value for money. They provide shipping facility and deliver the product at the same day of your purchase or within 2-3 days. When you buy your iPhone3G parts or iPhone5 parts from Wired Shops, it is not just the low price that should be considered. They constantly strive to make our products better and of the highest quality standards. And that is why you should choose Wired Shops over the competition.

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