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Inspirational Jewelry: 5 Perfect Gifts for Women This Christmas

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If you didn’t have the time to get some incredible gifts for your loved ones yet, you now have the opportunity to learn a few things about inspirational jewelry. They make the perfect presents for the women in your life, as they are beautifully crafted and come together with heart-warming messages and symbols. You can pick one of these for your mom, you sister, your best friend or your love partner. Exquisite, fashionable and full of meaning, the next five inspirational pieces of jewelry are considered some of the wisest Christmas gift choices this year.

1. Quote Necklaces

You can either pick an already made one or have the necklace personalized with a quote/ message of your choosing. The quote necklaces are usually crafted in silver or other precious metals, with refined finishing and crystals or stones. The messages are varied, making such necklaces an easy pick, depending on the recipient. There are love quotes available, friendship ones, motivational ones and so on.

2. Expandable Wire Bangles with Charms

These unique expandable wire bangle bracelets have the great advantage of being flexible, allowing the wearer to fit their size. You can find some truly unique models coming in Russian silver with the added benefit of sporting different types of charms. You can pick an “I Love You to the Moon and Back” charm for your loved one, or a “You’re Braver than You Believe” for your best friend. These bangles are suitable for women all ages and styles.

3. Inscribed Twist Rings

Twist rings are highly fashionable and loved by many women. And if you choose one bearing an inspirational quote or a sincere message, this Christmas gift becomes perfect. A while back lovers chose to inscribe on their wedding rings the famous love and devotion quotes from HBO’s hit TV show, Game of Thrones. Even if that trend faded away, you could still keep the idea. A silver or metal twist ring bearing a heartfelt message sometimes values more than a long love letters.

4. Symbol-Shaped Earrings

You don’t have to choose a written piece of inspirational jewelry to pass your message of love, encouragement, support or friendship. You may find many interesting pairs of earrings in symbolic shapes: lotus chandelier earrings, suggesting peace or new beginnings. You can go for earrings shaped as the Tree of Life – suggesting strong roots and endless growth. You can also pick earrings in precious or semi-precious stones that have a deep meaning for the lady receiving them. Earrings are beautiful gifts, and if they also come with a subtle message, you will make someone’s Christmas truly enlightening.

5. Personalized Brooches

Brooches also make a perfect Christmas gift for a special woman in your life. They are quite the message carriers, as they feature an inscribed inspirational quote, or they can suggest a meaning hidden in their shape, just like earrings. A crystal angel pin in silver may become your mother’s favorite Christmas gift this year. A vintage silver filigree brooch with gemstones and an intricate written love message can also become a loved one’s favorite Christmas gift of all times.

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