Important Things to Know Before Getting a Made to Measure Suit


Opting for a made to measure suit is a good idea. This type of suit is created to suit your personal taste. The tailor will follow a standard pattern, but changes will be made depending on your preferences and your body shape. You can choose all the details, though, including the fabric and even the number of buttons or pockets the suit will have.

You might be very excited with this idea especially if you have never tried one before. Here are some things to take into consideration as you finally explore the world of made to measure suits.

Don’t opt for trends

These suits are made to last for a long time. The fabric choices are of high quality. The construction is carefully thought out. Therefore, you need to be careful in choosing a design that is trendy. For instance, suits with super-slim lapels are a huge trend. However, in no time, this could fade. Once it does, you won’t feel confident wearing the suit again. This means that you should choose more standard designs and patterns over trendy ones. You can still play with the details, but always think that this will be used over a long period.

Choose the best fabric

You will choose the type of fabric to be used for the suit. The choices are usually the expensive ones as they are more durable. The idea of durability is important, but comfort should be the priority. You have to make sure that the fabric will last long but also be easy to wear. Avoid fabrics that are itchy as you won’t feel comfortable wearing the suit at all or the ones that are too thick if you plan on wearing the suit over the summer.

Be honest about your body shape

There are different types of suits that will fit a particular body type. You need to choose one that will really look good on you. Don’t deny that you are pear-shaped or round-shaped when you really are as you might end up with a suit that does not look good on you. For instance, if you are skinny, you need slim lapels or else the suit will look too big on you. If you are short, don’t opt for suits that are too long or else you will look shorter. Understanding your body type is key to creating the best suit possible.

Find a tailor you can trust

Although you are involved in the creative process, it might be your first time to have this type of suit made. You need to find a tailor that has done a lot of made to measure suits before. Once you have, trust this tailor to give the best recommendations and create the best possible suit you can ever find.

Be prepared to pay quite a lot for this suit, but you can also expect a quality suit in the end. Be involved in the process and be very clear about saying what you want.