Important Considerations When Buying a Diamond


Diamonds are amazing. They are really shiny and anyone who wears them would look totally amazing. There are a lot of choices when it comes to diamonds. It can be a bit confusing, so you need to have the right tips to determine which one to buy. Here are some of the most important ideas to remember.

Don’t just look at the carat

Carat is not a determinant of size. You can have a 0.90-carat diamond and it can still be bigger than a 1-carat diamond. Carat refers to the weight of the diamond and not the size. This is important because diamonds are usually priced per carat. If you really care about this, you should not mind paying more. However, if you are into size, you don’t need to spend that much to have a bigger diamond as jewellery. Don’t be misled in terms of pricing by simply looking at the carat value.

Colour matters

Diamonds come in different colours. For white diamonds, check the setting. It is advised to base the colour choice on the ring in which the diamond is mounted. If you are aiming for white gold or platinum for the ring, the diamond must be higher than G. For yellow gold rings, choose I for the diamond. If you are more concerned about the cost, yellow, brown and grey diamonds are more affordable. Blue, pink and purple are the really expensive types. Pure coloured diamonds are definitely more expensive than choices that feature mixed colours.

Diamonds don’t have to be round

Round diamonds are obviously the most expensive, followed by the princess cut. If you can’t afford round diamonds, oval diamonds are a nice alternative. Square cuts are also fine. The square radiant cut would be the best alternative to the princess cut. If you can save up to 50% on a diamond of a different shape and you are not really particular when it comes to shape, there is no point in still pushing for a round diamond.

Fluorescence is also a factor

For those who have a keen eye when it comes to jewellery, fluorescence matters a lot. This is considered a flaw and may reduce the value of the diamond. However, fluorescence can only be determined by experts and usually under a UV lamp. If you don’t care about this factor, it is fine to have flawed jewellery. No one will notice anyway.

Choose the right diamond

There are a lot of factors to consider before you choose the best diamond jewellery. In the

end, though, it is up to you which jewellery you want to spend your money on. You also want to make sure that it looks great on you. If you are giving it to someone, find a way to understand the other person and her preferences so you won’t go wrong.

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Image: Pixabay.com