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Ideas for Wearing Casual Dresses

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Knit Belted Dresses

If it is spring or summer, you can sport a knit belted dress with some wedge shoes and a handbag or small purse. There are places where you can find several knit belted dresses in colors such as pink, blue, green, white and yellow. Knit belted dresses are comfortable to wear and they range in very small sizes to plus size. Accessorize this kind of casual dress with a cute bracelet, pendant necklace, or some bold colored earrings that complement the colors in the dress.

Maxi Dresses

Maxi dresses are great casual dresses and you can wear them on the beach or anywhere during the day. Maxi dresses range from above the knee to below the knee and if you are a curvy person, maxi dresses are ideal for you because they accentuate your curves, and you can still get maxi dresses in bold colors and prints, and these maxi dresses are affordable to purchase.

Shirt dresses

Look like your favorite tennis star with a neat shirtdress that you can wear throughout the day. You can choose from a short or medium-length shirtdress and you can wear the shirtdress with flip flops or wedge shoes. Accessorize the shirtdress with some hoops or studded earrings along with a casual bracelet.

Wrap Dresses

Wrap dresses are excellent for plus sized women and these dresses are not just for formal occasions. You can also wear them during casual situations. Some of the best wrap dresses are those that have print designs or floral patterns on them. Heels or wedges are the best shoes to wear with wrap dresses.

Babydoll Dresses

If you are going to a semi casual outdoor event such as an outdoor casual concert, a babydoll dress would be a good choice. Babydoll dresses have been worn since the 1970s and they look elegant on any figure. Strappy heels or wedge shoes would look fantastic with a babydoll dress.

Tank dresses

There are many types of tank dresses that look great for casual wear. You can wear these dresses on a first date, to the store, art festival or to a few restaurants in town. You should now be happy that there are places where you can find dresses which can also be worn on the beach with a cute pair of flip flops. Tank dresses are comfortable to wear and they come in diverse colors and patterns.


Wear some bold colored earrings and necklaces to add pizzazz to the casual dresses and it also helps to wear different kinds of shoes with the dresses so you will not wear the same ones each day with the dresses. Casual dresses are available in every size and they fit well.

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