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Ideas for cheerful and colorful kids parties

Little children enjoy parties and the more colorful and cheerful it is the better. Every parent wants to do the best for their children, and organizing a fun party is one of the best ways to make their children happy. We now have so many ideas to choose from, and this allows us to find a theme that matches the personality of the little boy or little girl.

Party themes for little boys

Boys are fond of vehicles, sports and superheroes. These allow us to make so many choices in planning a colorful and cheerful party for a boy. A vehicle party is suitable for boys of every age. We can either plan the party around a single vehicle, like a motorbike, or incorporate several vehicles into the theme. The party hall can be decked with flyers and buntings in a chosen color theme and these can also display the name of the birthday boy or girl. For a biker party, the bunting could be in a Hot wheels theme, which is a great favorite. A party theme cake with vibrant colors and a stunning cake topper that features a car, bike or assortment of this would be a lively addition to the sweet buffet table.


Another good theme for a boy’s party would be the favorite sport they enjoy. This could be football, hockey, basketball or any other game. For a football party, the party setting could include a lawn turf in green and have goal posts with the buffets, party favors and seating arrangements within them. The buffet table could have cupcakes with football cake toppers and green frosting on the base. Party supplies with cupcake cases in the design at the party will be easily available and these can enhance the overall look of the buffet display.

Party theme ideas for girls

Almost every girl dreams of being a princess at some point of her childhood. Princess theme parties are huge hits among little girls. Dress up your little princess in a princess style gown and set up a bouncy castle for the rest of her party. Princess cakes are a constant hit that are easily available. You can either choose to have your party theme revolve around a single story, like Cinderella or Snow White, or even include all the princesses your daughter is familiar with, at your party. Choose party favors or goodie bags with tiaras, wands and princess stationery and your party guests will love them. The cakes can be with pink frosting and cake toppers that have candles in princess themes. For the décor, streaming and buntings with golden and silver accents and dancing fairy lights add the necessary finishing touches.

For girls who enjoy sports and the outdoors, a camping party held outdoors would be easy and intersting to pull off. Consider having the décor natural and rustic, and include plenty of games like sack races. Gift scarves, compasses and similar camping gear to the party guests. Check out different kids party supplies to find the best that match to your party theme.