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How to Style an Off Shoulder Long Sleeved Black Fitted Dress

Off Shoulder Long Sleeve Black Fitted Dress
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The little black dress is a timeless piece and all women have (or should have) one in their wardrobe. Given the newest trends of this spring / summer trends, the off shoulder long sleeved black fitted dress is the hottest black dress you can get your hands on this year. Such a black dress can be the perfect canvas for you to create a true work of art on with the right accessories and some well-chosen finishing ideas. Today we will look at five different ways of styling your off shoulder long sleeved black fitted dress for some very special occasions.

1. Pearls Necklace

Just like the little black dress, pearls are timeless pieces of jewelry which can turn any outfit into a symphony of class, elegance, and chic trendiness. A white simple pearl choker can make the perfect add-on to the off shoulder long sleeved black fitted dress for a romantic dinner, a night at the theater, a formal party or a black and white ball. Pink, silver or golden pearls necklaces can be the single spot of color you need to add some hues and some accents to this incredible dress.

2. High Heeled Shoes

Our first instinct would be to pair the dress with black high heeled stilettos, but spring / summer fashion trends offer us a wide variety of shoes and sandals which make perfect companions to this dress: Lucite heels with black flower appliqués, wraparound straps sandals, ankle straps pumps and even nude shoes are all great options to style such dress in a fashionable and elegant manner. You can also opt for silver shoes for a dash of glam and even rainbow high heeled mules for a more casual chic outfit.

3. Statement Purse

This year everything is going to be about shimmer, shine and statements. A classy late night party asks for a metallic finished clutch while a mid-day event calls for a colored statement bag. The layering of textures and hues – a big trend this season – may lead you to pick a faux fur clutch or a multicolored reggae style shoulder bag. The oversized black leather bag is, of course, the go-to purse for your busy office days.

4. Jacket

Depending on the jacket, you can have a different outfit every single day, wearing the same dress. A long, thin, crocheted colored poncho turns your little black dress into a feminine statement of grace. A plaid fitted jacket goes a long way, from the office to the late night formal dinner you have to attend. A leather jacket gets your rebel chic personality out to the surface while a boxy jacket adds some masculine edge to your feminine charm.

5. Accessories

You can go for a chain belt or a refined Jackie O. ribbon belt. You can even try a body chain – one of the major fashion trends this season. As accessories go, everything is allowed, from chunky statement necklaces to watches and bracelets sets, to shoulder-long earrings or even a trendy hair piece to hold together your stylish updo.

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