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How to Stay Warm and Fashionable This Winter

stay warm in winter
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Do you ever have the feeling you are wearing your entire wardrobe in winter and you’re still feeling cold? And don’t you hate it when you realize you suddenly look bulky (if not downright massive) as you packed and wrapped yourself in layers and layers of clothes which have nothing in common with aesthetics or comfort? If you want to stay warm this winter and still look fashionable in your office or street outfits without freezing to death, let’s see a few tricks you could employ.

1. Cotton Is Your Best Friend

Cotton is a natural fiber which keeps your body temperature, absorbs moist, is hypoallergenic and allows your skin to breathe while keeping you safe from cold. In other words, in winter, try to wear as much cotton as you can. In combination with polyester, it makes the best ally against wind and cold and it won’t look bulky under clothes. Try cotton camisoles and tank-tops under your sweaters and make sure your winter underwear is made of cotton. Look for stretchable bodies, undershirts and even socks made of cotton and polyester.

2. Thermal Underwear Can Also Be Fashionable

If you are indeed vulnerable to cold, then it’s time to step up your game and use thermal undergarments. For instance, a cotton-polyester winter thermal underwear base layering set is exactly what you need. Find stretchable pieces that cover your skin but are invisible under a shirt or a pair of jeans. Such sets are usually silky on the outside and soft on the inside. Used mostly when you practice winter sport, they can be worn under office or street outfits provided you pick the right size. You can also go for ski-dedicated thermal accessories, such as leggings and socks, undershirts and long-sleeved stretchy blouses.

3. The 3-Layers Strategy Always Works

Health and fashion experts agree upon one thing: the best way to stay warm in winter and look cute means to wear no more than three well chosen layers. The first one may be the thermal underwear (crew neck top and stretchy long johns will suffice). Next, add a cute long-sleeved shirt and finish your look with a trendy hoodie, for a sporty look. Same goes for your office attire, as long as you change the hoodie for a sweater or a jacket. This way you will make sure the cold stays away from you and you keep your look in check.

How do you stay protected in winter? Do you use thermal underwear? Do you prefer leggings or maybe over-the-knee socks? And do you have other personal winter-safe tricks you’d like to share?

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