How to Show Your Girlfriend She is Unique


Is there a special occasion coming up? Is it Valentine’s Day? Your anniversary? Whatever it is, you have to make your partner feel special. Get her something that will blow her mind away, something that reminds her that she is unique.

Here are some things you can buy or create:

  1. Her own song

Sappy, I know, but it has been a popular gift for a reason. In some parts of the world, this was a traditional part of a courtship. Now, it is being brought back and fast becoming a worldwide phenomenon. Put your guitar skills to good use and spin out some lyrics.

Tip: Think of all the memories you have shared with her – all the good ones and the bad ones. Pick at least three, whether they are good or bad, and make a story out of them. Establish a theme so it won’t be hard for you to make the story.

You can ask your mutual friends to help you or a professional songwriter to move things along faster. You can also use an application like an online music maker.

  1. Her own mixtape

Don’t know how to make music? It’s cool! You can try making her a mixtape instead. A mixtape is a much easier task than creating music. A mixtape is a hand-picked curation of musical pieces with different genres and styles. It is given to a special someone as a gift. Follow a theme (or not), it depends on how you want to create the mixtape. After all, it is you who knows your significant other best.

  1. Surprise trip

Get her packing because you two are going on an adventure. Customise a special trip that you think she would like based on her personality and lifestyle choice. You don’t have to have a lot of money to get her a surprise trip.  For example, if she is very outdoorsy, schedule a hike up a mountain or camping in the woods. If she is not, schedule a long walk on the beach.

  1. Caricature drawing

Get her a cartoonish drawing of herself. Better yet, give her a caricature drawing of the both of you. Just give a nice and clear picture of you and your partner to a caricature artist.

  1. Customised jewellery

There are different things you can purchase, like a locket and personalised bracelet. Let her feel that you are always with her with a locket. Place your picture inside so she’ll feel close to you always.

Get charms customised for your loved one. If you had a special trip to Paris, get her an Eiffel Tower charm. If you went on a cruise, get her a boat charm. If, on your first date, you guys ate ice cream, get her an ice cream cone charm. Her personalised bracelet reflects your story with her. This is a very lovely gift, but it is also very economical. You can add charms as you grow older. So, for each special occasion, you can just buy a charm for her to add to her bracelet.

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Image: Pixabay.com