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How to Re-create Cara’s Catwalk Hair-styles

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If you’re looking for a new do, we’ve put together some of the hottest hair-styles for the season ahead and they’re guaranteed to inspire. Cara Delevingne is the model of the moment so let’s take a look at her most popular catwalk hair-styles.

The Messy Ponytail

The ponytail is one of those hair-styles that complement all face shapes; you just have to know which type of ponytail complements yours. If you have a square, chiselled jaw line, create a high ponytail but leave a few front sections out and curl them to create a soft flowing look.  The idea is that it’s very casual and messy with the overall result being thrown together yet chic. If you have a heart-shaped face, opt for a sleek ponytail with a fringe as this will even out a wide forehead and a narrow chin. Low ponytails complement an oval face and this is Cara’s style of choice and she showcased it on the catwalk for Sass and Bide. If your hair isn’t long enough for this style, you can create length with faux ponytails from somewhere like Hair Extensions.

The Centre Parting

Cara’s signature off-duty look involves a severe centre parting. This look is easy to achieve by parting your hair down the middle with the sharp end of a fine tooth comb. To create an authentic Cara style you will need to go for an effortless tousled style. You can create this look with curling irons but the no-heat method works well if you want to achieve tousled waves rather than tight curls. Cara sports this look both on and off the catwalk and wore a similar style for her appearance at the British Fashion Awards earlier this year.


One of the hottest hair-styles to be seen on the catwalk this season was the braid. Cara Delevingne hit the catwalk for London Fashion Week with not one braid but three. This is a daring look to pull off but it’s not impossible. You can find hundreds of tutorials on how to create this look on YouTube and all you will need is three hair bobbles. Opt for the transparent ones that are snag free.

Creating Cara’s signature catwalk hair-styles is simple, but if you need extra help just look to the top beauty bloggers on YouTube for inspiration.