How to Pull Off the Perfect Winter Look with the Help of Rain Boots

How to Pull Off the Perfect Winter Look with the Help of Rain Boots

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Rain boots are a must-have in the cold season, and many fashion designers agree they are the hottest footwear trend to keep you cool and comfortable in a rainy day. There are some voices claiming that these boots should have never left the garden and walk in the streets, but major fashion houses strongly disagree. If you have a soft spot for these types of boots, let’s see how you can mix and match them with your winter outfits to pull off a perfect look.

1. The Sporty / Biker Look

This season welcomed a more gothic, rocker/ biker fashion style and women love it. If you are into leather jackets, minimalistic outfits combining midi-skirts, transparent lace blouses, and metal accessories, then a pair of rain motorcycle quilted buckle boots is just what you need to pull off a perfect look. The knee-high motorcycle rain boots are comfortable, stylish and go great with a more toned-down gothic outfit, in case you don’t want to go all Lady Gaga style.

2. The Romantic Look

How about combining a pair of hot pink rain boots with a pair of comfortable navy blue denim jeans and one of those amazing slim-fit winter coats? You can also add a color-matching umbrella to those boots, an oversized purse and even a crocheted scarf for a full effect. Fashionable rain boots went beyond traditional dark colors a long time ago, being available now in funky, strong and lively colors.

3. The Retro Look

Rain boots bring us closer to a more retro look, whether we like it or not. If you want to feel chic, modern and trendy, but still want to pull off a vintage-style look, you can start with a pair of flower-patterned rain boots. You can also get inspired by Gucci’s geeky/ retro outfits, combining schoolgirls’ berets with large geeky sunglasses, a highly feminine cloak, and a clutch or a cross-body purse for comfort. You can even try some knee-long crocheted socks and wool winter gloves.

4. The Office Look

Surely there are some traditionalists who’d never suggest bringing rain boots to the office and pair them with a power suit, but again, fashion designers seem to disagree. There are at least two important trends when it comes to the office rain boots trends: they are either black, to match a skirt and jacket type of office suit, or they are colored (and monochromatic), to add a touch of joy to an either “serious” office outfit.

What’s your favorite rain boots style? And how would you wear them?

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