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How to Plan the Perfect Spring Break

Perfect Spring Break
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Spring break is the definitive college tradition of having a good time where you can take a break from classes, lounge in the sun and most importantly create lasting memories with your friends. But what a lot of people dont realize is that spring break can actually be a lot of work. Sure, its enjoyable once youre at your destination, but there is quite a bit of prep involved. Here are some tips to help you make the most of one of the best weeks of your college life.

Perfect Spring BreakStart saving early

Whether youre going out of the country or just spending time locally, spring break week is bound to get pricey. Airfare, food and drinks, lodging, and souvenirs start to add up quickly.   But with solid savings, you can breathe a sigh of relief that you wont max out your credit card or deplete your savings. Putting a little of your paycheck away each month leading up to spring break, holding onto cash given as a holiday gift, or going out less before the break can help you save up.

Get a good group

Often times people are looking to find the most wild and rowdy group of undergrads they can travel with. Although these people may be great for life on or off campus, they do not always make the best travel companions. Traveling can be fun and should be relaxing, but it is also expensive and requires punctuality. Are you booking a flight with a friend who always misses your early morning class? You might want to reconsider who you want in your group and pick someone a little more responsible.

Picking THE destination

Before deciding where you will be relaxing and not thinking about classes, take a second to ask yourself where you and your friends would like to spend the week. Fort Lauderdale, Cancun and other tropical climates always host some of the biggest entertainment but that environment isnt always for everyone.   Some people prefer a quieter experience. For some, laying low on the quiet campus with menus to your favorite restaurants and entertainment at hand or back home with the parents, reading and catching up on some R&R is an ideal vacation. It all depends on what your definition of a good time is. Its your break; make sure you spend it the way you want to.

Booking your travel

These days all airlines have websites where buying tickets is easy but it isnt always the cheapest option.   Specialty travel sites like Travelocity and Priceline offer impressive deals on nearly all major airlines. If youre willing to spend extra time at the expense of a cheaper trip, look into railways and bus systems. If you have a good group of reliable travelers, driving is another good option. Just make sure to bring the iPod.

Plan ahead

This could end up being one of the best weeks of your life, so dont let it pass you by. Depending on where you are headed, make sure you get to take in all the sites you wanted to see. It helps to even make a list of days and plan on how you want to spend each one of them.   Youll be surprised how quickly time flies when you are enjoying yourself.

Dont overdo it!

This might sound like something your parents might say, but partying too hard can be counter intuitive to living the week to its fullest. Spending too much time sleeping and recovering from a previous night can seriously cut down on the enjoyment. No one wants to spend all day in bed when there is a beautiful beach or other attractions to enjoy. Also, make sure to get plenty of rest the days before traveling to and from your destination. Nothing spoils the fun more than a missed flight.

Author: Andy Lavelle is interested in helping college students learn to budget by providing them with great deals to local eateries.