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How to Match Your Bra with Your Summer Outfit: Quick Roundup

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Summer is coming and, together with it, thin, translucent, seductive and skin-showing outfits. One of the most annoying issues a woman has to go through is choosing the best bra for her body type and bust size. The second most annoying issue is matching a good bra with a summer outfit. The warm season comes with off shoulder dresses, strapless tops, deep plunging blouses, backless outfits, transparent outfits and so on. So how do you match your cool, sexy summer outfits with your bra? Let’s take a quick look at the most popular bra styles, designs and models and remind you which goes with what.

1. The Adhesive Bra

This type of bra doesn’t offer support to your breasts but it is the go-to accessory for all backless and strapless outfits you want to wear. It adheres to the breasts and features no straps or bands whatsoever. Some are single-use, disposable paper accessories, others are made of silicone and can be reused several times. Unfortunately, they are less recommended to the ladies who are full figured as the lack of support may become a serious inconvenience.

2. The Minimiser Bra

Speaking of full figured women and their summer outfits, one of the best choices for them is a high-quality microfiber minimizer bra which helps create the illusion of being a cup or two smaller in size. They go great with any type of summer outfit and are very comfortable. If you get one with transparent straps you can enjoy a shoulderless top or dress. We suggest picking at least one in nude / cream tone to work with colored or patterned outfits without being visible under sheer and transparent fabrics. 

3. The Convertible Bra

Probably one of the most versatile bras out there, the convertible bra allows you to wear all types of summer outfits, no matter how much skin they show or how unusual or funky they are designed. Convertible bras feature straps that can be detached, removed or rearranged so they don’t show in backless outfits, off shoulder ones, deep plunging ones or semi-transparent ones. A good alternative would be to pick one in fully transparent and clear plastic stripes for full invisible support.

4. The U-Plunge Bra

This is a special type of bra which allows you to wear deep plunging neckline dresses or blouses. It offers quite a solid support, with the added benefit that the best types are made of soft, fitting fabrics. Given its design, you might want to go for a summer outfit that features only a deep plunging neckline but not a backless design.

5. The Built-in Bra

This type of bra plays more on the casual side of things, featuring a brassiere-like structure built inside a tank top for instance. It adds the necessary support under a shirt which can be left unbuttoned or can be worn simply as they are, not needing an extra bra. They go well with sporty, casual outfits including shorts and flat sandals.

What is your favorite bra style?

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