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How to Match Loose Fit Clothes for a Bohemian Winter Look

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Slim fit outfits are definitely trendy, as they let all the right curves to show and can go with many different personal fashion styles and choices. But in case you didn’t notice, this summer was very much about loose fit combinations and clothes, as they provide women with more than comfort, they also make them look sexy-relaxed, young, bohemian, artsy and ready for anything. It shouldn’t come as a surprise to anybody that the summer trends made their way into the winter ones as well. So let’s take a look over some of the most fashionable loose fit clothes for a bohemian winter look.

1. Loose Fit Cape and Skinny Jeans

In a previous article, we talked about trendy winter coats that got their design inspiration from ponchos, cloaks, capes and blankets. These are all loose fit coats, and they all go great with skinny jeans and all sorts of other accessories. You may pick a tribal-patterned poncho or cardigan, or a black-and-white classic cape, the results will be fabulous. For a true bohemian look this winter, choose pastel accessories (boots, sunglasses, etc.).

2. Loose Fit Long Sleeved Cotton Knitted Sweater and Leggings

Such dress-style long sleeved cotton knitted pull sweater is a classic when it comes to winter bohemian fashion. It goes great with leggings, although skinny jeans are always an option. Don’t forget about accessories either: you can pull off a perfect trendy street look with a crossbody bag and a pair of chunky boots. Go for heavy, thick, well-stitched sweaters in neutral, earthy colors and brown or orange sunglasses or footwear.

3. Loose Fit Printed Long Dress and Denim Jacket

This is a very fine summer combination, but you can infiltrate in into winter if you choose comfy, thick textiles that protect you from the cold outside. Long printed dresses in pastel patterns or vintage, tribal and even abstract patterns will always be a hit. A slim fit thick denim jacket adds balance to the combination, especially if you match the whole outfit with a large tote bag in the dress’s colors, a statement necklace, some leather bracelets and medium-height heeled boots. Remember denim goes great with all shades of brown, copper and earthy tones.

Loose fit clothes combinations can also include bootcut jeans matched with V-neck large, knitted tunics, or, for the true bohemians, leather shorts, large wool cardigans, combat boots and box-shaped handbags. If you want a loose fit romantic look this winter, go for pastels and earthy colors, generous yet simple cuts and well-manufactured sweaters, dresses or capes.

What would you choose for a loose fit bohemian look? Or are you more into slim fit fashion trends?