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How to Make Your Corporate Cocktail Party Memorable

Your company may host a cocktail party during the holidays as a way of rewarding employees for doing a good job for the business all year long.   If youre in command and control of planning the event, its time to roll up your sleeves and let the hard work begin. To make this party a memorable one you must follow some tips that will give you peace of mind as the date draws closer and your audience begins to anticipate the party.   Begin with a positive attitude, a good budget in mind, and a goal of making this the best party ever held by your organisation.

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  1. Send every employee and invitation addressed to him or her so that they will feel included in your plans.   You should ask for an RSVP so that youll know the number for which to plan and the amount of food and beverage to purchase.   Make the invitations direct, clear, and to the point so that there will be no confusion about the location, the time, or the dress code.   Include all of these details in your invitations so that guests come prepared and not over or under dressed for the party.
  2. Hire a bartender so that your drinks will be controlled and your guests will be comfortable with the beverages that they are drinking.   A professional bartender will bring the proper tools with him that he needs to mix beverages properly; you should expect the drinks that he prepares to taste delicious and to have the right amount of ingredients in each one.
  3. Provide some light finger foods if you can so that guests can have another area to gather and chat as the evening begins.   Once again, you can have this part of your event catered so that you or another group of employees wont have to attend to empty chip and dip bowls during the event.   Remember, you should enjoy yourself at this party too.   As the evening draws to a close, you may want to provide some coffee to guests who would like to finish their evening with their favourite brew of java.
  4. Select a live band that can add a touch of festivity to your corporate event.  Having live entertainment adds a dimension to your party that guests will enjoy thoroughly.   Its imperative that you partner with a reputable entertainment agency that can book your band and attend to the minute details without delay.   Once you find your preference among one of the many corporate event bands, you should take the necessary steps to get the band booked for your party especially if its during the holidays.   Make sure that your representative knows the right date and time and that you obtain information about deposit and payment for the band that you desire.   Be sure to ask questions so that you understand the contract, the payment methods, and the procedures that you must follow to ensure that you have the band that you want for your party.

Once you have everything in place, sit back, relax, and wait for the fun to begin.


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