How to Make the Best Proposal: New Engagement Ring Trends

Any time is a good time to get engaged, but the search for the perfect ring should begin long before the big proposal day. Gentlemen should know that the perfect ring should first match the taste and preferences of their bride to be. Secondly, it should also be fashionable and unique as the engagement ring is there to stay forever. If you need some inspiration in choosing an engagement ring, let’s see together four brand new trends and models!

1. The Diamond Solitaire Gets a Twist

The white diamond solitaire ring is perhaps the best-known engagement ring type, a timeless model and a unique piece of jewelry. And because we agreed that diamonds are still girls’ best friend, the solitaire engagement ring is a winning bet. However, if you want to add a bit of a contemporary style to an otherwise classic model, try the new solitaires with a twisted band.

2. Multi-Strand Rings Are Hot

Some women prefer a more modern style when it comes to jewelry, with less bling and more heart added to them. Not to mention that women nowadays are rather practical, preferring a ring that works both as an engagement ring and a wedding band. The multi-strand rings, made of a fine combination of precious metals and (optionally) sporting some gems or crystals make perfect engagement rings for the young, wild, hip fiancées of the world.

3. The Gemstone Clusters Spell Love

Imagine a golden, white gold or a simple silver band, adorned with a cluster of gems: diamond, emerald, amethyst, ruby, sapphire, and topaz. This combination actually spells “dearest”, not to mention it is one of the hottest new engagement rings trends of the year. Colored gems on engagement rings are not new per se, but according to jewelry designers, the new combinations, and exciting matches make them this year’s favorite.

4. Indie Rings are for Indie Brides

As we said, not all women fall off their feet at the sight of diamonds and pear-shaped fixtures. However, some have a very soft spot for indie designs, which use oxidized metals, like gold or vintage silver, adorned with rough-cut stones and funky designs. You may also think about pearls in rare colors or ghetto-style geometrical designs.

5. Personalized Rings Make Perfect Proposals

Instead of choosing a ring that might please your future bride to be, go on a more personal road. Not so long ago, couples got inspired by the Game of Thrones TV series and started writing on their wedding bands the “sun and stars” quotes. Take this idea up a notch and find a jewelry designer who will make you an engagement ring personalized to the tastes of your loved one. Use inside jokes, poem verses, song titles and anything that you know she will love and appreciate.

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