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How to make a Rolex watch more valuable before selling it

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imagesRole watches have been regarded as one the world finest watches for decades. Worn by famous celebrities , sports star and music stars that include Paul Newman, Sylvester Stallone, Rodger Federer and Rapper Jay C, the Rolex watch is a must have fashion symbol but a costly one at that. Rolex watches are still very popular. Rolexes are highly sought after items, especially as they maintain their value very well and can sell for 1000s of pounds at auction. Even selling second-hand, Rolex watches will fetch a great price.  The decision to sell a Rolex watch mustnt be taken lightly, largely because it should be sold for the highest possible price. There are many ways in which a Rolex watch can become more valuable, such as confirming its serial number.

A serial number must be confirmed

When unsure about their serial number, its owner cannot confirm what it is. As a serial number proves that a Rolex watch is genuine, it is vital that its owner is 100% certain. Therefore, a serial number can be confirmed by an official Rolex dealer. Assessing a Rolex watch, a confirmed serial number will never be doubted because an accredited individual has said what it is. Even when its owner is asked who provided a serial number, written confirmation from an official Rolex dealer can be given.

Have it valued

One of the first steps to selling a Rolex watch is to have it valued. Many owners mistakenly believe that their Rolex watch is worth more than what it is actually worth. So that a Rolex watch is sold quickly, a jeweller or any other official Rolex dealer can confirm its true value. When a Rolex watch has a high Reserve Price on EBay, it might never be reached because it is completely unrealistic. By having it valued, it wont take long to sell a Rolex watch.

Buy an official Rolex box

If its original box has been lost, an official Rolex box can be purchased as a replacement. In fact, it doesnt necessarily cost a lot of money to do so. Even if many boxes are bought, the total cost probably wont be considerable, especially when purchased as a job lot.

Have a Rolex watch repaired

Rolexes are designed to last. Its many parts are made from strong materials which results in them working for longer than a digital watch. If a Rolex watch thats about to be sold hasnt been serviced in years, an official Rolex repairer can be consulted. When it has many faults, they will be resolved. When many parts have to be replaced, an official Rolex repairer will be able to, largely because they use parts that have been approved by the luxury watch manufacturer.

Take many photos

When a Rolex watch is being sold for a particularly high figure, many photos can be taken of its bracelet and other key areas, such as its casing. Although it wont change the watch itself, having photographs on an advertisement can help its owner to be paid the asking price. By taking photographs with a smartphone, they can be uploaded immediately. As smartphones can take photographs in a high pixel resolution, they wont be blurry. As a digital camera doesnt always take high quality photographs, a smartphone can help to promote a Rolex watch further. By following the this guidance when deciding to sell a Rolex watch, it is possible to ensure you maximise the amount you can get for a genuine Rolex watch. As they dont lose their value, most watch professionals will offer excellent prices for genuine rolex watches.


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