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How to Maintain Curls?

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maintain curlsCurly hair is a precious asset that every girl desires. It gives a unique style and definition to the face and makes you an attention seeker. But most often it becomes really difficult to maintain the shape and texture of the hair curls. This is mostly because curly hair easily gets tangled and become frizzy. But you can easily maintain the health, shine and texture of your lovely curls by following some basic tips regularly. Go through the best tips for maintaining curls and get ready for daily compliments.

Curl Specialized Stylists

Curly hair needs special type of haircuts and treatments. The “twist cutting” technique is considered to be the best for maintaining the shape of the curls. As such before choosing your hair stylist, it is very important that he or she is specialized in this technique and knows well about curly hair styling and treatments.

Avoid Regular Shampooing

Hair curls are highly sensitive and too much shampooing can spoil their quality and texture.   If curly hair is shampooed regularly there is a chance that hair looses moisture and become dry and frizzy. Hence avoid regular shampooing. Apply shampoo on your hair only if it is dirty or soiled. Remember to condition your hair every time you take a shower.

Use Cold Water

Curly hair should be washed only using cold water. Cold water is good for curly hair as it retains hair moisture thus making it shinier and non-frizzy. Always avoid using hot water in your hair as it may cause extreme damage to the hair. It makes hair dry and results in extremely frizzed curly hair that is difficult to brush and maintain.

Get Rid of Dry-Brushing

One of the major reasons of frizziness in curly hair is dry-brushing. Most of the girls comb through their dry hair resulting in tangles and hair knots. In the most extreme cases it also leads to hair breakage and hair fall. Hence, when the hair is dry do not use hair brush to manage your hair. Instead you can use your finger to brush through it

Use Hair Products on Damp Hair

The best time to apply hair products on curly hair is when you have just taken a shower and your hair is damp. Damp hair can absorb the products more easily than dry hair. As such hair gets moisturized and hair curls become healthy, thick and shiny. After drying your hair may look oily but thats temporary. So, ignore this smothered look.

It is well-known that hair curls are difficult to maintain. But with the above mentioned simple tips it is no more difficult to maintain the health and texture of your lovely curls. If you take care of your curly hair on a daily basis and follow the above mentioned steps then you will get rid of your frizzy and irritable curls. So, what are you waiting for? Dont wait any more. Start following the simple tips right from now and rejoice yourself with everyday compliments.

If you really want those defined , super sexy and well behaved curls there is a lot that you can choose from. All you need to do is go out there in the market and pick up the product that suits your curly hair need. At the end of the day it may sound like a lot of hard work but definitely worth the time and the money. So go for it, flaunt your mesmerizingly stylish curls and make some heads turn! Its time to fall in love with those curls of yours. They are your biggest asset after all.