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How to Eliminate Brown and Age Spots on Your Face and Body

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If you’re lucky, you never have to deal with skin problems like acne, although it’s a rare teenager who doesn’t suffer at least a modicum of hormonal acne before adulthood. And some people phase out of skin problems when they outgrow adolescence. Others fight acne, rosacea, and other issues well into their adult years. But no matter what kind of skin you have as you go through your teens, twenties, thirties, and even forties in some cases, eventually you’re going to have to deal with the realities of aging. Skin will sag and wrinkle as time goes by. And at some point you’re going to start noticing brown spots and age spots appearing. In some cases these are linked to hormonal changes (like pregnancy) or medications. But pretty much everyone will start to experience spotting of the skin in due time – it’s a natural part of the aging process. However, there are some treatments that can diminish the appearance of dark spots, or even eliminate them. Here are a few you may want to try if you’re looking to keep you skin flawless as long as possible.

The first step you should take, and it’s a really important step, is to stay out of the sun. The damage that UV rays can cause your skin cannot be overstated. Of course you want to avoid potential threats like skin cancer, but the sun can also age your skin in a variety of ways, making it appear dull, at the very least, and speeding up the aging process with wrinkles and dark spots through time and exposure. So if you want to take measures on your own behalf, try to avoid direct sunlight as much as possible, keep your face especially well covered, and wear a broad spectrum sunscreen with appropriately high levels of protection any time you’re out in the sun, whether you’re hitting the beach, gardening, or having a cup of coffee on the deck.

That said, even due diligence may not be enough to entirely prevent the formation of age spots. And brown spots could be caused by other factors. Luckily, there are treatments for both. You’ll want to start by seeing a dermatologist to figure out what is causing spots to appear so that you can figure out a way to begin treating them. In many cases, you can use bleaching treatments to diminish the appearance of discoloration. But if you want to completely rid yourself of brown or age spots, there are also a couple of ways to remove them, although they will require some recovery time.

You could start by seeing a trained aesthetician for a microderm abrasion or chemical peel. These treatments aren’t terribly expensive compared to some other options and they’ll remove the top layers of skin where spots tend to form. You’ll have to go through healing and peeling before the fresh skin underneath comes through, but you should see noticeable improvement after just one session, and possibly even complete removal of spots. You could also talk to your dermatologist about the possibility of using liquid nitrogen to get rid of spots. The appeal of this method is that you can literally “spot treat” rather than covering a larger area unnecessarily. And of course, there are now all kinds of laser resurfacing options offered by facilities like Laser Gentle Medical Spathat can treat a variety of skin issues. You simply need to consider your options, set your price point, and select the treatment that you feel has the best chance of eliminating the brown and age spots plaguing your skin.