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How to Add Any Caption to Photos

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Being able to add captions to photos is a useful trick to have up your sleeves. It could be used to create a funny picture, provide an informative context, include conversational bubbles, or even just title your photos.

Regardless of what you want to use it for, the first thing you need to know is how to actually add any caption to photos. Here’s the step-by-step process that you should follow:

  1. Plan it out

Take a moment to step back and think about the text that you want to add to your photo. Ideally you should not only think about what it should say, but also what it should look like. Figure out the style that you want to go for, including the font, size, orientation, positioning, and transparency.

  1. Select the right software

Different software has different features, but one of the best at add caption to photo is the Movavi Photo Editor. With it you’ll be able to add the text that you want and then customize its style however you want too. More importantly, the software itself is extremely user-friendly so even if you’ve never carried out photo editing in the past you’ll find that you can pick it up quickly.

  1. Insert the caption

While the process will vary depending on the software you choose, with the Movavi Photo Editor it is as simple as adding the photo to the software and then choosing to ‘Add Text’ which is an option in the ‘Text Menu’. That will allow you to type the text you need and subsequently position and stylize it as you see fit.

  1. Think about any other edits that may be required

If you’re using a complete photo editor you’ll be able to edit your photo in other ways as well, so if you feel there’s something that you could do to improve the look and feel of the photo – go ahead.

Once you’re done you can simply save the photo in question. Assuming you chose the right software, you will have access to numerous helpful presets that allow you to easily select the optimal format to do so.

With such a powerful tool at your disposal, the sky is the limit. As you use it further you’ll undoubtedly discover that you’re able to come up with truly professional-looking captions with very little effort too.