Have the Coolest PS4 on Campus — Outfit it with a Skin

ps4 skin

First and foremost, your return to campus means a comeback to the library, hitting the books, and studying up on your new classes. But we all know you can’t spend all of time cramming for pop quizzes and memorizing your notes. Sometimes, the best way to keep your GPA up is to follow a balanced lifestyle — and that includes taking time off to recharge and play a few games. PlayStation lets us blow off some steam and keep our sanity when the semester gets tough; but when so many of your friends on campus have a PS4, it’s hard to stand out. The only way you and your system can claim distinction is with the personalized accessory that is a vinyl skin.


Skins (or wraps and decals, as they’re also known) let you completely modify the look of your gaming console. They come in a variety of designs that transforms the typical black box that every PlayStation gamer owns into something entirely unique. A variety of manufacturers will offer pre-made decals sporting vibrant colors and interesting textures, but stick to those that will give you the reins when it comes to creating your wrap design. PlayStation 4 decals come in 4 pieces that cover the console and an additional 7 that cover the controller, and they can be customized so that each section takes on a different look, letting you mix and match colors and textures until you’ve made a unique creation.


This accessory isn’t just nice to look at. The best PS4 decals are a protective covering that keeps your console and its controllers free of cosmetic damages. Made out of 3M vinyl, these skins will absorb the shock of sharp edges and rough handling, saving the plastic of the system from scratches, scrapes, and dents. Its material also creates an air tight seal that’s water- and grime-resistant. Dirt, dust, grease, and spilled drinks can’t penetrate its surface, making your console and the DualShock suddenly much easier to clean. The very same properties that make it an impermeable barrier also make it easier to hold on to, as it gives your sweaty palms a little more purchase for when the campaign gets intense.


A cheap, customized defence will mean nothing if it can’t match the PS4 corner for corner and button for button. The PlayStation has fans, connective ports, buttons, and toggles that require a precise fit. Without it, the skin can cause serious problems down the line with overheating, connectivity, and gameplay. You need a decal that can accommodate every one of the PS4’s unique features down to the micro-millimeter, so its protection doesn’t interfere with the system’s ability to perform. Don’t settle for anything less than a tailor-made fit when you shop for PS4 skins online.

Once you see it in action, vinyl may just become your most favored school supply this semester. With a skin you can step out from the crowd and update your system’s good looks. Just make sure you lock into a decal that can offer personalization, protection, and fit, and you’ll be good to go this school year.