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Getting Naked at the Sunshine Coast of Australia

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Every day I try to check another amazing experience off of my to-do list. One of my more recreational goals to experience in the near future is a trip to the Sunshine Coast of Australia. And when I go, believe me, I plan to go big. Yeah, I go big, or I go home. And Australia is a long way from home for me. The point I’m making is that when I cross this trip to the Sunshine Coast of Australia off my list of soon-to-be-had experiences, I will do so with the freedom to spend, and vacation, like the “baller” that I am.


Being the fair-trade supporting, environmentally-conscious, philanthropic hipster that I am, I plan to break out the black card by making my first stop at a local thread “sto'” (ghetto slang for store) located in Noosa, Australia, and known as Sinerji. Aside from the obvious thrill of shutting the place down (big wig terms for buying out its entire stock of inventory) with my endless trail of fresh dough (italian mafia slang for large amounts of legally or illegally obtained money that has recently been acquired), I plan to enjoy the feeling of accomplishment that will accompany me as I pledge what, to me, is pocket change, in support of this fair trade, fairly priced, local gem. I also have a taste for the fine, fresh, fair of the local fisherman’s farms. After all the big spending, I anticipate that my quick metabolism, that keeps my boyish figure looking so appealing, will have caused me to have worked up quite an appetite. I will stop at the newly-opened Seafood on Hastings to get, not only a sample of the local freshly-harvested catch, but a sample of the local village flavor as well. I plan to swap tales of legendary, day-long battles with record-setting fish, nautical adventures, and prove my salt to the local inhabitants of Noosa, Queensland, Australia. I plan on using a hire car to reach enjoy my day in paradise. I especially look forward to taking advantage of the excellent hire car rates in the area. The hire car will really come in handy to reach my next destination, Underwater World. Complete with seals, sharks and psychedelic fish of all kinds, Underwater World is where I will go to really get my first real taste for what I’ve always wanted to be when I grow up, a mermaid. After such self-exploration, I plan on fulfilling a life-long dream of taking my clothes off, for all to watch, at Alexandria Bay.