Getting The Hair Restoration Help You Want

Getting The Hair Restoration Help You Want

Getting The Hair Restoration Help You Want

Many men know the fear and dread that comes with having family members who have experienced male pattern balding. Weve watched our siblings, fathers, uncles and even grandfathers lose their hair and felt the unease that comes with knowing these things are genetic, and that someday we ourselves may have to deal with the consequences of balding as well. In past decades, many people have begrudgingly resorted to wearing awkward-looking, unconvincing toupees, baseball hats, or even applying spray-on hair in order to hide the effects of hair thinning and loss ““ but with new, contemporary technologies that use the latest scientific advances to treat the problem of hair loss, these kinds of old-fashioned solutions are quickly being rendered moot. And thank goodness for that! Clinics like use a number of different techniques to help deal with the problem of hair loss ““ here are just a few of the ones that can be most helpful to you.
Currently, one of the most popular treatments for hair loss is a hair transplant ““ a treatment that will almost certainly help permanently ensure hair growth. Hair transplants work like any other kind of transplant ““ physicians remove hair follicles from other places on the patient’s body and graft them onto the areas of the head where hair loss has occurred. The transplanted hair begins to have a growth cycle just like the natural hair that was there before about three to five months after the surgery. Celebrities like John Travolta and Mel Gibson have turned to this method to improve and restore their original hairlines for thick, full, natural-looking hair.

Theres also the option of lasers. Laser light therapy works to stop hair loss in its tracks and to prevent more hair from falling out. The “cold” laser light, as its known, emits a powerful but low-level wavelength to stimulate the follicles on the scalp that may have been damaged over time, or because of genetics, increasing the blood flow and oxygenation that help with the healing process. Increased blood flow along the scalp in its turn allows the living tissue there to absorb the light’s energy and regrow hair. Several treatments are needed for this procedure, but have proven effective results.
There is also, of course, the solution of the hairpiece. While many of us think of hairpieces as being the older, clunkier ones we may have seen on men of our fathers generations ““ obvious and unflattering ““ todays hairpieces are wildly different from those you might have seen (or laughed at) in the past. Much like hair extensions, custom hairpiece solutions are available for individuals are looking to restore the thickness of their hair without surgery. These types of hairpieces are made to fit comfortably and naturally to one’s hair shaft or base, making the hair appear thicker, fuller and completely natural. This method takes a bit of preparation, since creating a custom hairpiece that will be exactly right for you takes time, but is a painless method of fighting back against the appearance of hair loss with no associated risks and zero side effects. It is also comfortable and easy to wash, maintain, and style these hairpieces, which will look and feel instantly like a natural part of your appearance. Plus, unlike toupees of the past, there is no risk of these hairpieces falling off, nor do you have to remove them at night, since theyre bonded to the shafts of your hair.
For those suffering from hair loss, there are now more options available for hair restoration without having to suffer with permanent results. You can choose the method you feel most comfortable with, while avoiding unnatural looking wigs or spray-on hair that lacks permanent results.

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