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Get Slim in Time For Christmas With These Tried and Tested Steps

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Christmas is just around the corner, and many women are starting to panic about what theyre going to look like in their little black dress after a while of indulging in fatty meals and sweet treats. Fear not ladies! Were going to share with you a few tried and tested steps that are guaranteed to help you look slimmer in time for Christmas:

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Step 1: Cut Out The Crap

No matter how close it is to Christmas, cutting out the crap will always help you to fight the bloat and look slimmer in time for the big day. This means cutting out chocolate, crisps, sweets, fizzy pop, alcohol, and other crap. Try to lay off the carbohydrates too! Stick to food like lean meats, fruits, and veg to look your absolute best.

Step 2: Drink Your Body Weight In Water and Green Tea

If you want to lose as much as possible you need to keep your body hydrated – drink as much water as you can manage every day, with a 2 litre minimum requirement. On top of that, drink lots of green tea which will help to speed up your metabolism. Your body will be able to flush out toxins better and expel the fat and bloat.

Step 3: Exercise Daily

You dont have to start exercising hardcore right before Christmas, but going for long walks can certainly help you to feel healthier and slimmer. Unfortunately theres no HEALTHY pill/drink/or supplement that will help you to shed inches very quickly – if it does it cant be good for you. Avoid taking things like that at all cost and simply exercise and eat your way to a better body.

Step 4: Book In For an Inch Loss Treatment

Inch loss treatments at the salon can work wonders, depending on the kind you have. There are treatments that target one area, like the stomach, or treatments that target the whole body. Take a look at http://syneron-candela.com/int to get an idea of the kind of treatments you can have and the results you can expect.

Step 5: Apply Fake Tan

Fake tan wont actually make you lose inches, but it will make you look as if you have. A darker, sunkissed glow makes us look more svelte and healthy – its magical! Use a quality tan for the best result, like St Tropez or Laurens Way.

Step 6: Wear Body Shaping Underwear

Gok Wan swears by this step – always wear body shaping underwear underneath your Christmas outfit. The right underwear will smooth you out in all the right places and shave a few inches off you while its at it. Theres a kind to suit all body shapes and outfit choices, so you can look slim no matter what you choose to wear. Invest in a more expensive brand like Spanx to really notice the difference.

Step 8: Enjoy Yourself!

Christmas is all about enjoying yourself, so try not to focus too hard on looking slim or youll forget to have fun!