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Get eco-friendly with natural shampoo

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Remember when “natural” was a dirty word? Maybe not. Youd have to cast your mind back to the 60s and 70s, during that flower power revolution of love. If someone lived naturally, chances are they were a cringe worthy hippy, spouting peace and love in what appeared to be an excuse to shower less.

But, in the past few decades, “natural” has become the buzzword of an age. As the planet wheezes under the strain of greenhouse gases, carbon emissions and needless pollutants, the natural world looks increasingly appealing.

Emerging from the smog and filth, were recycling, cutting our carbon emissions and using more sustainable products.

While some, such as renowned political activist Naomi Klein, would argue that the environment has been pushed too far for such small measures to have any impact, the fact remains that the natural environment has piqued public interest like never before.

Its a bandwagon that numerous companies are jumping on, with the term “natural” being flung around with abandon as companies rake in cash.

Indeed, when it comes to hair care, there are rafts of products containing ingredients like jojoba or coconut oil, but also filled to the brim with harmful chemicals.

With such misinformation flying around, how can you tell when a natural shampoo is the real deal?

The wonders of a natural shampoo

The real definition of a natural shampoo is one thats completely free of chemical additives more likely to damage your hair than help it. Although your follicles do need a good scrubbing, these corrosive ingredients will dry them out, leaving them frizzy and lifeless in the long run.

Its not just a case of finding the products on the high street that say, “contains natural ingredients” on the label. So many products ride on the coat tails of an eco-friendly look that it can be difficult to tell the wheat from the lathery chaff.

With an authentic natural shampoo, youre aiding the environment by stopping non-biodegradable products flushing down your plughole. You wouldnt want to blow smoke into the atmosphere, so would you really want to wash harmful substances into the ocean?

As a product, its just one of many ways that you could be helping the environment. But, if you can add it to your recycling and energy conservation schemes, you can turn your token gesture into a grand helping hand.

So, dont have a backwards view of the world ““ go natural and give your planet some help.