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From Ponchos to Cloaks: 4 Winter Coats to Love this Season

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Many centuries ago, some people probably got very cold in winter, so they thought about wrapping themselves in a piece of cloth or a blanket of some sorts. Next thing you know, they starting wearing the blanket on a daily basis – maybe this is how the poncho was brought to life. Fast forward to modern times and we find the newly designed poncho proudly making a statement in the streets. Together with its family. It seems that fashion designers took the blankets out of their bedrooms and turned them into luxurious winter coats. From the ancient poncho to the modern cape, let’s see four seasonal coats to fall in love with.

1. The Poncho

The South American poncho is not a new face in town, fashion-wise. On the contrary, it made a debut a little over ten years ago. If you remember, they featured a high-neck and many strands. This season’s fashion took the poncho for a spin and returned it as a must-have accessory for the fall. You can find them also in strong, bold, contrasting colors. They are made of refined, luxurious materials. They wear labels, like Burberry, and they keep you warm while making you look like a fashion model.

2. The Blanket

This is not a joke, as the Blanket is indeed a hot type of seasonal coat which will make history this year. It is something in between a poncho and a cape and it is made out of blanket materials. In other words, they are warm, soft, comfortable and oversized. Some come at oversized prices, as well, but you will see many trendy ladies in the streets wearing them.

3. The Cape

The cape has a few features making it even more compelling than a poncho. If the latter only sports one hole to get your head through, the cape also sports two extra holes, so you can put your arms through. The poncho is the bad boy of the neighborhood: it is a bit rugged, a bit rough, and a bit bohemian. By contrast, capes are well-tailored, coming with a vintage air and a very feminine retro look. They are too oversized, but they make a perfect match with long gloves, an oversized designer bag and a nice faux-fur collar in a sunny autumn day. One must-have of the season is the shawl-collar cape in plaid with toggle-closure.

4. The Cloak

Old Mr. Poncho must be proud seeing his heirs turning into such beautiful examples of tasteful fashion. The cloaks these days come with a hood and may take the shape of a cape (with the hands covered only by gloves), or of a normal coat in a retro style (with large sleeves). Also very feminine and chic, the cloak goes great with both casual looks (jeans and high-heeled stiletto boots is our favorite combination) and elegant attires.

Are you more into the casual poncho, the luxurious blanket, the chic cape or the eerie cloak? What’s your choice for this season?

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