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Freshen Up Your Style

If you are like me you know what cuts suit your body shape and what you feel comfortable in and youre generally happy with your style.   But, and especially if you are like me, you want to shake things up every now and then and make sure you are injecting something fresh into your fashion ““ what can you do without stepping too far away from your style?   Keeping your own style on trend without completely changing it can be tough ““ although admittedly a change can be good (like when I swapped bootcut jeans for skinnies ““ what a revelation!), slight tweaks can work wonders.


Changing Up the Combinations

Changing up your combinations can breathe new life into a look that was starting to get a bit tired.   Swap out your jeans for chinos with your polo T-shirt, or now that autumn is here look at long sleeve tops with your jeans rather than your trusty T-shirts.   Shoes can bring a complete change to an outfit too.   Try swapping your trainers for work boots with your cargo trousers, then take it to another level by tucking your cargos into your boots!


If the thought of tucking your trousers into your boots fills you with dread, perhaps making changes to the colour schemes of your outfits is more comfortable.   If you always wear blue jeans, try black or if you wear a lot of neutral colours brighten up your look with some block colour ““ maybe a teal blue jacket with your light tan chinos and white T-shirt?   Colour can be a great addition to an outfit and is a very easy way to update your look to stay on trend.

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Stripes, Patterns, Graphics and Other Adventures in Fashion

Of course if you are a bit more adventurous like me (but still not keen on tucking your trousers into your boots) you might be interested in enhancing your style with patterns and graphics.   Now Im not suggesting that you immediately invest in a pair of tartan trousers ““ Im talking more basic than that.   Im talking T-shirts.   And there is a great array of patterned T-shirts out there, like the ones on this great fashion site.


T-shirts really are a great way to experiment with your style and there are always new designs of T-shirts that will help to keep any look in line with the latest trends.   The styling of the guy in this fashion blog post shows just how great stripes on a T-shirt can make a look. In terms of the style and cut of a T-shirt, there are a lot of different types and various cuts will come in and out of fashion.   Of all the styles there is really only one type of T-shirt to steer clear of and that is the deep v-neck, not a timeless classic!


You know what looks good on you, youre happy with your style and now you have some tips on how to freshen it up to stay on trend.   So what are you waiting for ““ get out there and wear this seasons stripes with pride!