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Finding the “Old You” by Finding Old Friends

As we grow up, our lives change. Old relationships give way to new ones. We move, we take new jobs, some of us get married or have children. We find new interests, as our enthusiasm wanes for other pastimes. One bittersweet result of all of this inevitable change is that the friendships that were once integral parts of our lives tend to fade, and new ones take root.


Of course, theres nothing wrong with changing as we mature. Its actually a wonderful thing. If we kept all of the exact same interests, friends, and priorities we had when we were teenagers, wed all be downright bored (not to mention questionably dressed).


But, while styles and priorities change, theres still something magical about spending time with those who knew you “way back when”. These are the people you shared some of your best moments with, and probably some of your most embarrassing ones, too. You grew up together. You were each others confidants and partners in crime, as you figured out who you were in life, and who you intended to become.


You taught each other just as much about life, love, and friendship as any parent or teacher did. You were there for each other. You had each others backs when the going got tough, and you celebrated all the little victories with a high five and a smile. You loved the same music, hung out in the same places, and knew the same people. In every one of these people exists a little piece of an obscure but important history. Not the textbook variety, though … your unique history. And their histories are alive in you, too.


Sure, some aspects of our histories are better left behind. But other aspects are well-worth revisiting. When everyones hometown accents come out thick as ever, and old friends are gathered around telling stories, reliving each others legends – thats one of lifes greatest pleasures.


But theres more to connecting with long-lost pals than simple nostalgia. Old friends with whom youve lost touch dont know about the little compromises youve made to get where you are today, nor have they been around for all of the small, incremental steps youve made to improve your life. Their memory of you is like a time capsule, and the “old you” is perhaps more real to them than it has been to you in years.


And sometimes, a reminder of who we once were is exactly what we need – we all need a heavy dose of the “old you” now and then. The “old you” had big dreams, massive ambitions, and an unshakable faith in the idea of endless possibilities. Hopefully some of these huge dreams have come to fruition, but in most cases, you’ve let them slide under the rug “for now”.


Regardless of where you are on the path to self-realization, having longtime friends remind of your old, fearless ways is a great way to reconnect with your sense of self-confidence, and your unwillingness to settle for anything less than extraordinary. Who knows, it might even spur you to ask for that well-deserved raise, or to slip your number to that secret crush at the gym. You only live once, after all.


So why not take some time to reconnect with the “old you” by reconnecting with your old friends?


If youve been out of touch for an extended period of time, you might wonder how youll track them down, but dont let that be your excuse! There are resources available online to solve that problem by helping you find people you’re looking for! The easy-to-use search function lets you look for old friends just by typing in a name, or any other tidbit of information you may have held on to all these years. If your friend has a generic name that yields several pages of results, you can also do a reverse phone lookup using their phone number. Your search will yield a full report with your old friend’s current location, address history, and even relatives, so youll know youve found the right person. Youll also have access to their email addresses and phone numbers, so getting in touch with the “old you” will be a breeze. What are you waiting for? Let your old friends remind you of the person you used to be, and get some of that youthful ambition back in your life today!