How to find the perfect frames for your Style

Perfect frame of your style

Glasses aren’t just about function and comfort. They are an expression of your style and personality and finding the right pair of frames can be a challenge. There are so many options to consider such as size, shape, color, style and material. Everyone has their personal preferences but there are also some general tips that will point you in the right direction whenyou are trying to find the perfect frames:

First of all think about the type of frames you prefer. Material matters; metal frames are very durable and tend to be thinner. This means that if you need a thicker lens it may stand out more in metal frames. Plastic frames, on the other hand, can be thicker and better at concealing thicker lenses. Because plastic frames are quite popular, there is huge range of colors and styles to choose from. Whether metal or plastic frames are right for you, the shape of your face is also an important consideration when choosing frames. The right frames can highlight your best features and form a seamless part of your overall look. It comes down to choosing the right frames for your face shape. There are four main face shapes, oval, square, heart and circle. If you are not sure what shape your face is its easy to figure out. You can literally trace the outline of your face using a photo or your reflection in a mirror. The outline should indicate which of the four basic shape categories your face falls into. If you are still unsure think about which part of your face is the widest. For example, if your chin is narrow and your forehead is wide then your face is likely heart-shaped. You can also look at the shape of your jaw line. If its quite square then your face is probably square shaped as well. If your jaw line is softer your face is likely round or oval. Finally, comparing the size of your chin to the rest of your face will help you figure out which shape applies to you. Knowing your face shape will help you find the frames that will complement it and avoid the ones that wont. Essentially you want your frames to provide balance to your face shape. Therefore, if your face is already quite round you should opt for frames that provide more angles and vice versa.

• Square – Choose oval, round or slightly curved frames to help make the face look slimmer and softer.

• Round – Go for rectangular, narrower frames to add some angles to your face.

• Oval – Geometric frames that are square or rectangular work well because they add angles.

• Heart – Round or cat-eye frames will balance your features.

• Rimless or frames with more width along the bottom edge can also work well.

Everyone can look good in glasses; it is just a matter of taking the time to choose the frames that are best for you, find out more about Stanton Optical, a leading provider of specs in the US. The perfect pair of frames isnt just about how you see the world; its also how the world sees you.