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How Fashion and Trends go Hand-in-Hand with Music Culture

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Does Life imitate art or does art imitate life? This question has been asked for generations because it’s difficult to define a clear line between which of the two has the greater influence.

When we examine fashion and trends it’s easy to see how iconic artists can leave a great impact on society and our culture – we treat many of them like celebrities. On the flip side – perhaps it’s our fashion and trends that allow for these bands to spawn from the garage in the first place?


Fashion and Music

As someone who is a die-hard fan of music (music is life!) I would have to say that it ultimately falls in between.

·  There are times when a fashion movement helps spawning a musical genre (example: I feel Disco was heavily influenced by bell bottom jeans and flashy attire).

·  There are other times when it’s the music that changes how we see fashion (example: saggy pants within hip hop culture has led to a wider acceptance of the style).

There is one constant in all of this … business.

I’ll give you an example …

Jordan Kurland is the founder of Zeitgeist Artist Management. His name may not be right on the tip of your tongue when you think of music but the bands he’s managed and helped bring to the spotlight certainly are – which includes:

·  Death Cab for Cutie

·  The Postal Service

·  Noise Pop

Among others.

These bands and artists, on the label, have become trend setters within their markets. It isn’t uncommon to see fans of Death Cab for Cutie wearing similar fashion. These artists are iconic to their fans which not only have delivered them music they want but also opened their eyes to fashion trends they may not have explored in the past.

Behind the music and fashion are elements to why the two become trends – such as:

·  Attitude – A band (or piece of fashion) can give off a particular attitude that becomes a staple for the subscribers (e.g. leather coats and Mohawks for punks).

·  Individuality – The pieces a band wears (or the fashion which inspired them) can be seen as a form of individuality and so the two industries play off one another to bring something unique with each passing phase.

These two items are heavily influential to the younger generation which happen to be the next main set of consumers for fashion and music once they begin earning disposable income.

So now if we rewind and take another look at Jordan Kurland we can see that it’s not just about getting good music to the fans … there is a whole element of business behind the actions and that’s actually very important because it’s very easy for great artists (like fashion) to be mulled over because they weren’t able to get enough exposure.

Fashion, music, and trends are married. Like art & life – it’s hard to discern where one influences the other. As long as there are artists creating music for their fans, managers seeing their potential, and businesses creating products for these die-hards the line will continue to blur.

In the end … let’s all be thankful that we get good music, good clothes, and enough freedom in our choices of these items to express ourselves and create our individual selves.