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When fashion is functional – advice for putting together a stylish sports outfit

Made specifically for those wishing to take part in sporting activities, sportswear dates back to the early 20th century. Combining comfort and practicality, sportswear has gradually gained prominence in the world of fashion, becoming renowned for its style as much as its functionality.

when fashion is functional

Functional and fabulous

These days, sportswear is designed as much for fashion as it is functionality. Jogging bottoms and yoga pants, for example, have become an integral part of urban and street wear, combining casual, comfortable fabric with trendy colors and funky patterns. Similarly, tank tops, T-shirts, and sweatshirts are now seen on the streets as often as they are on the treadmill, and sneakers are no longer the footwear of choice for athletes alone. Designed with comfort and style in mind, sportswear can now be worn in numerous ways, and on various occasions, such as chilling out, for doing chores, or for hitting the shops, rather than simply for sporting occasions.

The essence of creating a functional, fashionable outfit is variety. Ensembles combining a mix-and-match of casual wear, sportswear, and formal fashion items are now bang on trend, and you don’t need to be athletic to rock the latest looks. Gone are the days of head-to-toe tracksuits, or whole outfits inspired by a particular sport; if you want to create a perfectly practical yet stylish outfit, try teaming a sporting top with jeans, or sports leggings and tracksuit pants with a regular sweater, jacket, or top. For an outfit that is supremely comfortable, chill out in yoga pants or comfy pants and an oversized jersey top, or turn heads on a night out with friends by wearing a figure-hugging vest and skinny jeans.

Supportive sportswear

While sportswear can be incredibly stylish and practical, many unique pieces are also available to support your body as you recover from an ailment, or work out following an injury. These garments, including the compression shirt, which can reduce soreness and inflammation by improving circulation and relieving the pressure put upon muscles, offer original designs combined with technological advancements for fantastic, stylish sportswear. In addition, the design of compression clothing and supportive sportswear means that it is easily adaptable to be worn with everyday styles; combine compression leggings with a jersey top or T-shirt for a casual look, or wear a compression vest under a top and jeans for a more formal getup. The opportunities for wearing your sportswear and everyday styles together are endless, and can ensure comfort and high fashion for each day of the week.
From its roots in sporting achievement to its current standing among the world’s most stylish names, sportswear has taken a long journey from functional to fashionable. These days, many people combine sportswear and everyday wear without giving it a second thought, and some supremely comfortable and stylish outfits can be created using a few key pieces from your wardrobe. Embrace urban chic and street wear, and head out in style.