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Fashion for Future Mommies: What to Wear when Pregnant

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Any woman will agree that expecting a baby – and motherhood, in general – is the most beautiful, incomparable feeling in the entire world. Enjoy the nine months of preparing a tiny miracle for the world with these future mommy styling tips below!

1. Wrap Dress

Don’t be afraid to show off your baby bump! Maternity wear does not have to be bleak and boring. On the contrary, you should embrace your tummy and enhance its beautiful shape. Choose a wrap dress that will outline your lovely mommy curves and that will flow gracefully down your body. Combine style with comfort and glow as a future mother.

2. Baby Doll Top

If you are not in the mood for wearing dresses, you can always go for a cozy and stylish baby doll top in the color of your choice. Blouses like these are specially designed for pregnant women, with elbow-length sleeves, a comfortable fit and the option to tie a bow over your baby bump. Add your favorite accessories and match the top with a cute pair of pants or leggings.

3. Stripes & Plaid

As far as patterns are concerned, stripes and plaid are all the rage for cute maternity wear. You can easily leave solid colors aside and go for fun and playful patterns that will reflect your mommy glow. Both of these options are in fashion and perfect for future mothers anywhere, especially for casual occasions.

4. Under bump & Over bump Jeans

If you have a baby on the way, it does not mean that you cannot wear jeans anymore. Maternity clothing brands have designed both under bump and over bump jeans, according to your preferences. Both models have a soft band over the denim part to secure your tummy without restraining it. You can match a pair of under bump or over bump jeans with a sweet top (like the baby doll we spoke about earlier) and remain a super trendy mommy to be.

5. Chic Overalls

Recently, overalls have reentered the fashion scene not only for expectant mothers, but for girls of all ages and sizes. This super comfortable piece of clothing looks stunning for all types of ladies, pregnant women in particular. You can choose to wear the overalls classically (with the front part secured to the two shoulder straps), or in a carefree modern way, by leaving the top side casually down.

6. Men’s Shirt

Who said that being pregnant can have its sexy side? Get an oversized men’s shirt and wear it either as a dress or as a top with a pair of under bump or over bump jeans, slightly tucked in the front. You can go for the classic white variety or experiment with different patterns that will accentuate your features.

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