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Fall Trends for Men: The Layered Look

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Some of this seasons winter trends for men arent easy to pull off. Coloured trousers, bracelets and slate coloured suits may not be to everyones tastes but luckily there is one trend that everyone can wear this winter. Layering is back for the autumn/winter season and is a trend that is both functional and fashionable.

Layer it Up

The great thing about this trend is that you dont have to rush out and spend hundreds of pounds on new clothes. The layering trend is very simple to pull off, just take a few of your favourite garments and wear them in layers. This trend is practical and allows you to combine your most stylish garments in to one on trend look. There are, however, a few rules to play by when attempting this trend:

Dare to Go Dark

Dressing from head to toe in dark colours can be fairly daunting especially if you are still clinging to last summers colourful clothing collections. However, wearing dark layers doesnt automatically limit you to black. Ash greens and inky blues both work well in the winter months and these colours will add a new dynamic to your weekend wardrobe. This look can be very stylish and is ideal if you want to opt for a formal layered style. Smart dress shirts like the ones from Robert Fuller Clothing lend themselves to a formal look.

Opt for Slim Fit

The layering trend is a practical one for the colder seasons as it traps air in-between each layer to keep the heat in. The layered look works well with thin garments such as t-shirts, polo necks and cardigans. Only use padded garments for the outer layers as too many thick layers will make you look bulky. Start with your thinnest layers for example a t-shirt, vest or polo shirt and use these as a base on which to apply thicker layers. You can wear all of your favourite looks and mix up the combinations for example wear a v-neck t-shirt under a knitted cardigan under a corduroy blazer.

Love all your Layers

Layering is great when you are dealing with unpredictable weather conditions. You can add extra layers in the morning to brave the elements and take layers off when you arrive at work. For this reason it is essential to only include stylish garments in your layering technique. You dont want to get too hot and be forced to unveil that t-shirt that you have had since you were sixteen. So, with this in mind, layer with care to ensure you never look anything less than your best. This Pinterest board boasts a number of fashionable layered looks that are guaranteed to inspire.

Will you be trying the layering trend this winter?