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Fall Trends: Designers’ Inspiration and Signature Colors

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The fall-winter season is here and everybody is holding their breath to see the streets turned into fashion catwalks. Earlier in spring, we have seen all fashion shows and took note of Pantone’s predictions referring to this season’s most powerful colors. Today, we will take a look over the most interesting fall trends, taking a sneak peek into designers’ sources of inspiration for this fall trends and the signature colors they want to surprise us with.

Feel Like the 60’ Again

Some designers took a trip back on the memory lane and came up with surprising color combinations and textures. The 60’ were definitely fun times, with a dash of romanticism, optimism, and joy, so this year’s retro-inspired colors revolve around Cadmium Orange and Cashmere Rose. These are warm, rich, and even dramatic colors when mixed with more down to earth ones, such as Charcoal Gray or Desert Sage. The retro era takes a new spin and this fall you will see breathtaking combinations. No matter if you wear a trendy peplum style midi dress or a trench dress you will feel fashionable all year long boasting an Antique White outfit or an Indigo Blue one. Michael Kors, Rodarte, or Chanel offer statement white outfits this season.

Take the Rug Out of the Living Room

Tory Birch, Mary Katrantzou, Erdem, and others got their fall trends inspiration of this season from interior designs and lush decorations. Think about Persian rugs and Moroccan tapestry, think about brocades with a hint of modernism and think rich, feminine colors in sweet (or bold) hues and gradations. If you prefer this style, then look for the golden-yellow Oak Buff, one of Pantone’s favorite hues this year, combined with natural and powerful tones like Raspberry, Olive Drab, and Teal. The ancient fairytale look can become breathtaking in a long sleeved A-line shift dress adorned with Cumin shades or accessories. Get your inspiration from Scheherazade’s stories and combine lush golden undertones with dark burgundy, black, and purple for a fabulous effect.

Believe that You Can Fly

The crown jewel of this year in Pantone’s catalog and, in fashion, designers’ fall trends inspiration is Reflecting Pond. A blue like you have seen no other, it adds dimension, contrast and drama to many colors and hues. Considered to be a “serious color”, it can light up golden shades and neutral earthy tones. The sky is the main inspiration here and many fashion designers chose Amethyst Orchid going great with silvery notes to create vibrant, sensual, and enigmatic outfits for the modern woman. In fall, the sky takes the most striking colors this is why you will see rich grays, Grape Purple, and Navy, combined with limitless amounts of gold, the signature element in the collections featured by Donna Karan or Tom Ford. One of Pantone’s favorite colors is Stormy Weather, a blue-gray shade which suggests luxury and durability. All these combinations go great with lace evening gowns, cocktail dresses and even bold office suits.

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